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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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A floorless Bolliger & Mabillard dive machine, SheiKra drops riders 90 degrees straight down a 200-foot fall, reaching a top speed of 70 miles per hour. The top of the initial lift hill grants a spectacular view of landmarks, including downtown Tampa, the adjacent Adventure Island water park and the University of South Florida campus, before rolling right over the edge and pausing. The train holds for five nerve-testing seconds before being released down the 200-foot vertical drop, zooming along the ground and backing up into an Immelman inversion.

Coasting over the brake hill, the train barely pauses for the second drop, a 138-foot drop at 81 degrees, which takes guests through part of the African jungle ruins, under the splashdown area and over the Zambia Smokehouse.


Best dive coaster I've been on. It's much better than Valravn and has the best ejector on a B&M I've experienced.
Solid ride, however it is a bit forceless. Great drops but doesn't have much more than that. 7/10
Very good ride, it's not quite as good as Montu but still a fantastic experience. It's quite a short ride but it makes up for this by making it extremely intense. It's the smoothest roller coaster at the park and has the best drop as you are really pulled out of your seat, the best diving roller coaster I've ever ridden fantastic experience - 9.5/10
SheiKra was fun! It was the first thing I did when I went to Busch Gardens, and I'll definitely make sure to ride it next time. The first drop where they hang you over the edge for a few seconds was thrilling and pretty unique. SheiKra was also relatively quiet and smooth, which is a nice feature when it comes to roller coasters. The wait line was fairly short, but the ride broke down when we were just about to get on, which was frustrating. Other than that, an enjoyable ride and a definite "must-do" ride at Busch Gardens if you are tall enough and want to ride.
Overall - 9/10
Awesome roller coaster! Sheikra is smooth, fast, and has two great drops; however, it feels rather short... 9/10

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