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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 54 inches

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A floorless Bolliger & Mabillard dive machine, SheiKra drops riders 90 degrees straight down a 200-foot fall, reaching a top speed of 70 miles per hour. The top of the initial lift hill grants a spectacular view of landmarks, including downtown Tampa, the adjacent Adventure Island water park and the University of South Florida campus, before rolling right over the edge and pausing. The train holds for five nerve-testing seconds before being released down the 200-foot vertical drop, zooming along the ground and backing up into an Immelman inversion.

Coasting over the brake hill, the train barely pauses for the second drop, a 138-foot drop at 81 degrees, which takes guests through part of the African jungle ruins, under the splashdown area and over the Zambia Smokehouse.


SheiKra was fun! It was the first thing I did when I went to Busch Gardens, and I'll definitely make sure to ride it next time. The first drop where they hang you over the edge for a few seconds was thrilling and pretty unique. SheiKra was also relatively quiet and smooth, which is a nice feature when it comes to roller coasters. The wait line was fairly short, but the ride broke down when we were just about to get on, which was frustrating. Other than that, an enjoyable ride and a definite "must-do" ride at Busch Gardens if you are tall enough and want to ride.
Overall - 9/10
Awesome roller coaster! Sheikra is smooth, fast, and has two great drops; however, it feels rather short... 9/10
Excellent coaster ! Very smooth and make sure to ride in the front
Wish it was longer though 10/10
Having been on more roller coasters than I can count, this ride, while short, contains the best drop I have ever experienced on a coaster (X2 is right behind). The straight-down drop combined with the pause at the top creates great suspense, and you're in the back row you really get hurled over the drop and pulled out of your seat. 9/10!
Great ride, an absolute must do if you visit busch gardens.
Quite simply Sheikra is the best coaster in the state of Florida.
I went during the early entry for HalloScream. It was amazing. My one brother & I sat in the front row, my other brother (who hates heights) sat in the back row. When it finished we were allowed to stay seated & go again. What a rush!
The only bad things about the ride is that it feels really short, and its 'unique tiered system' insists that the front row isn't anything special, but the ride is FAR more intense in the front. Has one of the best loading capacities I've seen on a coaster due to how many seats it has, and when they run all the trains the line remains alarmingly short. Even on a busy day, we practically walked on all three times we rode (front, center and back rows).
I love roller coasters, but I almost chickened out on this one... Glad I didn't! It's amazing! 9/10
I'm usually not intimidated by roller coasters but this ride got to me. The anticipation of the ride got my adrenaline going really strong...the ride is all about the first drop but holy's awesome!!!
Epic! The air-time you get is terrific!
I LOVE this ride. The drop is suspensful and great. I can never figure out if I like the dangling sensation in the front or the being whipped over the edge in the back seat better. Either way I alway end up riding this one over and over again. THUMBS UP BG!!!
What a drop !
In fact the only draw back is that once you have passed the drop there's not much left. But being seated at the side of the train in front row and being left there hanging with nothing below your feet is quite an experience !
If you ride this ride in the front it's awosome but if you don't ride the front then it's nothing great

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