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Aerial tram

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Takes you from Egypt, over the Serengeti Plain, to Stanleyville, and vice versa.

Something to note: they only allow 3 adults per car. The cars have a weight restriction, so the limit each car to 3 adults. You can have a max of 4 people per car, including children.

The Skyride has re-opened after the construction of Cheetah Hunt but remains closed during "slow" days.


Provides great views of the park and animals! 8/10
No parks ever have sky rides ! Love it
The Skyride is a great way to get to the back of the park without lots of walking, and it offers a great views of the animals and the park. Just don't bother waiting if there is any kind of wait time at all. 7/10.
You see a lot of animals coming up from the first (and longest) half of the ride, so it's a treat no matter which direction you're taking it from. It's a little slow to load, but totally worth it if you only have to wait about twenty minutes. You can technically walk the same distance in the time it'll take to queue up, get onto the ride and then ride it, but it's nice to sit, enjoy the breeze and see the animals, people and landmarks!
Very nice 1974 Vonroll Skyride.The only one left that takes a 90 degree turn.High marks for Busch Gardens keeping this classic ride operating.
Great skyride in my opinion. It closes quite a lot though if there is lightning in the distance! Pity it's not longer. 8/10

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