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Stanley Falls

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 5 out of 10

Flume ride
Minimum height to ride: 46 inches

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The Stanleyville Falls is an exciting log flume ride that cools guests off and adds adventure to the day. Riding in log rafts, the water thrill ride takes riders on a twisting, turning journey before plummeting down a 40-foot summit for a “splashy” ending. The log flume ride was the first in a long line of adventure thrill rides at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. Stanleyville Falls is located in Busch Gardens Stanleyville area.


Log rides are probably my favorite type of ride, but Stanley Falls really needs to up their game. First of all, the queue is VERY tight which is a little gross when everyone is hot and sweaty. Second of all, the line was long, which I guess is to be expected when it comes to water rides in Florida. Thirdly, the ride was rough! The flume really shakes you up and you keep hitting the side railing really hard. BUT, it was a nice way to cool off without getting unbearably wet, and a good family ride. So not exactly a "must-do" attraction, but I'd still probably ride it next time we go.
Overall - 4.5/10
You think you're getting soaked, but it's not as bad as it looks (go across the street to the Tidal Wave bridge if you need a soaking)
I've ridden this ride for years and enjoyed it, but it is time for an update. The queue is claustrophobic, and the ride, quite frankly, is getting a little bit boring and dated. The folks who are not coaster nuts deserve something better than this. Re-do it, re-theme it, replace it, or something, but it is far past its prime, and it is time for an update.
Weak ride as it does not compare to some of the other water rides in other parks! 3/10

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