Formula Rossa

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Roller coaster

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This Intamin launch coaster is billed to be the world's fastest when it opens, along with the rest of the park, in October 2010.

Themed to look like a Ferrari Formula 1 race car, Formula Rossa will launch to a top speed of 149 miles per hour and a height of about 160 feet, before twisting through chicanes, meant to simulate a drive in an F1 Grand Prix. Riders will be requires to wear safety goggles while on board.


You'll have never felt acceleration quite like this: it's intense, and keeps going and going. The coaster maintains a lot of speed through the rest of the track, and hits the final brakes still going at some whack.

It is, however, just about the speed and the acceleration - I actually perferred Flying Aces as a much better all-round coaster at the park.

Still, you can't beat a record breaker!

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