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Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Roller Soaker, a roller coaster at Hersheypark. (The minimum height to ride is 42 inches.)

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The east coast's first interactive water/roller coaster. Riders can dump up to four gallons of water on guests waiting in queue area. And land-lubbers can sport huge water guns and spray riders!! Sounds like fun, however, I personally do not like to get wet while riding rollercoasters. Designed by Setpoint, Inc., and installed in 2002, ROLLER SOAKERĀ® takes riders 70' into the air on a track 1300' long.

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Fun little ride. Load time takes to long though. And you will get soaked!!! - Jeff K

There is really nothing to this "coaster" but water elements. when it was first put in they ran it with 9 cars but it broke down to many times so they eventually got it right at 6. it does take some time to load which is the main reason for the long line (which is 2 hrs most days). - pio neer

Lots of fun. Never seen anything like it before. Rode it about 5 times. As others have mentioned, seemed to take forever to load and unload, but it was worth the wait. - Scott Sanders

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