The Legend

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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The Legend was the second wooden roller coaster built in Holiday World as part of the 2000 expansion. Another CCI creation, the coaster is supposed to recreate the ride Ichabod Crane took through the woods of Sleepy Hollow, desperately trying to outrun the dreaded Headless Horseman. It boasts a 113-foot drop, a helix and a top speed of 59 mph.

For 2016, the park refurbished the coaster, adding a new double-down element at the end of the helix, to create more airtime. In addition, the park lowered the hill before Frightful Falls, so the trains would carry more speed, which they do into a new tunnel after the hill.


Glad this got a retrack because this layout just begs for roughness. I can't imagine this pre-retrack. I enjoyed it and all, but it is another wooden coaster with far too much of an emphasis on laterals instead of airtimes. The worst part was that awful unbanked helix. It was just simply awkward. 6/10
The retracking that occurred has really made this a smooth ride, and it has a great amount of kick. I really recommend this coaster to anyone who loves a good wooden coaster. Its definitely in my top 5 wooden roller coasters.
This ride has a good amount of airtime and some of the most intense laterals on any coaster anywhere. It is also a long ride, but not so long that dull spots start to appear. Lastly, while not glass smooth Legend is not as rough as you might expect it to be.

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