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The Voyage

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Roller coaster
Minimum height to ride: 48 inches

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This hybrid wooden coaster from The Gravity Group debuted at the Santa Claus, Indiana theme park in 2006, as the anchor of the park's Thanksgiving land. Themed to the Pilgrims' voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, The Voyage offers all the thrills that one would expect from a tempest-tossed ocean crossing.

This 1.2-mile coaster provides five underground tunnels, three 90-degree banked turns, dramatic drops, and multiple track crossovers at a maximum speed of 67 mph.

At some point, Holiday World plans to install new, Timberliner trains on the coaster, with larger seats and adjusting wheels, designed to provide a smoother, faster ride, with less wear on the track.

This beast is currently the #1 ranked wooden coaster on the planet (Amusement Today 2011), and has held that position five years in a row.


I absolutely love this coaster. It is tall, fast, seems to go on forever, and never lets up. The first drop is great and the whole entire out run is full of airtime while being reasonably smooth. The run back to the station, on the other hand, does give you a bit of brain rattling and focuses more on twists than airtime, but I would much rather ride a wooden coaster that is aggressive and intense than one that is perfectly smooth but not overly exciting. Voyage is my second favorite wood coaster (after El Toro) and my favorite ride at Holiday World.
Having been on roller coasters across the globe, I can safely award The Voyage my humble slot for #1 overall (wooden or steel). It is without a doubt the wildest and most enjoyable ride experience I've had since I started riding at the wee age of 6. It's the best for several reasons:
1) it's long--nearly FOUR MINUTES of uninterrupted ride time stretched over a mile and a half
2) the airtime.....all 25 seconds of it (most wooden coasters have 5-7sec). Some moments are 'ejector-seat' forceful--that seatbelt + lapbar is there for a damn good reason!
3) the unprecedented track elements, specifically the triple-down into a subterranean tunnel and 90* banked turns which are typically only seen on high-speed steel monsters.

The Golden Ticket Awards gave it the title '#1 Wooden Coaster' in the world for 5 consecutive years for a reason--it's phenomenal. If they charged $20 per ride for The Voyage, I would pay it every single time. Well worth the trip to Holiday World, and an absolute must for coaster enthusiasts. 10/10. A perfect coaster.

This has one of the best layouts I've seen for a wood coaster. It never lets up! Some of the turns near the end can be pretty jarring. They gave my daughter and me mild headaches... and even some slight nausea, which usually does not happen to us on any coaster. At the same time, I love the challenge of riding this coaster! I'm not a huge wooden coaster fan, but this is now my favorite wooden coaster. However, we only rode it twice. I wanted to keep riding, but my teenage daughter found the second half too rough for her tastes. (July 2013)
10/10 This is the best Wooden Coaster on the planet. Unlike El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure it actually feels like a wooden coaster, but even for it's incredible size, it's not at all as rough as you'd expect. The ride is chock-full of airtime throughout the course, and no matter where you sit, your bound to be sent floating out of your seat plenty of times. The best seats are in the very front, or the very back though, as with any roller coaster.

The ride's layout is top-notch, and there's really no way you could improve it. The ride starts off like a typical out and back, but things get crazy when the coaster dives into a low lying tunnel section and into a spaghetti bowl of twisted track at the far end of the course. The rest of the ride is a twisty, air-time filled jaunt back towards the station with another spaghetti bowl finale at the end.

If you're a fan of wooden roller coasters, you owe it to yourself to take a ride on the Voyage. It will literally take your breath away.

The Voyage is situated at the back of the park in the Thanksgiving area. It is a beautiful collection of wood measuring 1.2 miles in length and if it is not the best wooden coaster in the nation, it is definitely in the top two. Amazing and unrelenting from start to finish, the Voyage is loaded with drops, 90-degree turns, tunnels, and air time moments. This coaster is an absolute monster! If you are a wooden coaster fan you owe it to yourself to ride The Voyage. It is worth the price of admission.
Hands down the best and most exciting wooden roller coaster I have ever been on.

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