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Adventure Express reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Adventure Express, a roller coaster at Kings Island. (The minimum height to ride is 48 inches.)

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Posted: January 19, 2013

On this wood and steel Arrow mine train, passengers are taken on a tour through four themed tunnels, several turns, and a few small drops. The attraction's hillside location enhances the experience, as does the scenery. The ride's climax is a slow ascent through a temple filled with stone tiki gods, pounding their fists.

FastLane is available for this attraction.

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Readers' rating:

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This is a fair mine-train ride that suffers from a big [BIG] let down ending and rib cracking formed plactic seats. Good for a family though. (6/10) - Randy Miller

This is the best mine train I have ever ridden. It is great at night. I had no idea where I was! It was well themed. It has great tunnels. This is by far THE best family roller coaster I've ridden. The ending is disappointing though. Still great though. 9/10 (at night) - Edward Morgan

Way to rough and the ending is horrible it goes now its are turn toget revenge and all so u think theres gonna be a drop but then u return to the station....good ride to do with your mom who hates coasters i got to scare her with having her think shes riding son of beast in the back round of the station bad coaster good memories - ed shaheen

I was surprised with what this coaster packed into its elements. - M. Ryan Traylor

Believe it or not, Adventure Express is one of the greatest coasters at Kings Island. While a little rough at points, for the most part Adventure Express is an exhilirating ride because of it's theming, yet it's not too much for young children to ride. - Matthew Riczko

Although rough at points, Adventure Express is one of Kings Island's greatest roller coasters. Lines are rarely long, allowing for quick rides. The themeing is a great touch, while the hillside location makes the ride worth it. - Ty Mullins

This is probably the best family roller coaster as it is not to thrilling for the young ones but still gives a nice feel of wind in the face. - Michael Hurley

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