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This show, originally produced at SeaWorld Orlando, debuted in San Diego on May 28, 2010.

From SeaWorld's press release: "At the center of Blue Horizons is Marina, a young girl whose vivid imagination sets the stage for an extravaganza of graceful dolphins, magnificent pilot whales and a rainbow of exotic birds. Blue Horizons features action both above and under the water, as a cast of divers and aerialists, dressed in eye-catching costumes symbolizing sea and sky, plunge off the elaborate set into, and also propel out of, the deep blue water."


This show is pretty lame. None of the tricks are anything special or exciting, and they are really repetitive. 5/10
It's a nice effort, but we left wishing they had told us about the amazing animals, instead of distracting us with acrobats.
Talented trainers, divers, and animals. However, the show is a train wreck. No flow to the show, a poor attempt at an abstract storyline, and a forgettable score/ soundtrack really can't keep anyone's attention except when the animals are in action.

I'll actually say that I miss the old cheesy show where the "guest" falls into the water.

It's a varied and good show. Dolphin stunts are great to see, although there are some breaks in the action where you see no animals. One thing to remember for this show is try to make the first showing when the sun isn't at its brightest and hottest. Even in 70-75 degree weather, the sun can make it uncomfortable to see this show. It sure would be nice if Sea World could put shade in their stadiums, like in Orlando.
Pilot Whales are amazing
Birds are cool
Dolphins will rock your socks off

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