Shipwreck Rapids

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Rapids Ride
Minimum height to ride: 42 inches

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Nine-passenger inner tubes float down whitewater rapids.


This is just an alright carnation of a river rapids ride. If you are planning on doing this, it goes without saying that it will be busy when the weather is hot. Unlike most reviewers, I did not get very wet. If you have time to kill, go for it. Otherwise, you should just skip this. (make sure to stow your phone)
Pretty great rapids ride. I've been on all 4 river rapids rides in Southern California (Bigfoot Rapids at Knott's, Roaring Rapids at Magic Mountain, Grizzly River Run at California Adventure, and this one), and Kali River Rapids at Disney World, and I say this is the 2nd best rapids ride I've ridden (1st is GRR). Also, this is the most wet I've ever gotten on a ride. The theming is pretty good, and the ride is pretty long. I also like that not only the waterfalls get you soaked, but also the rapids. The main downside is the lack of a drop. 8/10
Very fun, and you will get soaking wet. We left our things in the free 1-hour lockers nearby at Manta.

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