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Built in 2006, this Intamin Wooden Coaster offers specs that look like a steel mega coaster: a 188-foot lift hill, 176-foot initial drop and a top speed of 70 mph. The initial drop's angle of 76 degrees was the steepest of any wooden coaster in the world when it was built, now eclipsed by the new Texas Giant's 79 degrees. There are two trains that are usually running at full capacity. This ride is much smoother then other wooden coasters due to the pre-fab design, insane moments of airtime, and has a very fast cable lift-hill (good for all of you who fear the clanking of the slow chain).


WOW. Airtime really delivers on this one. It's a bit rough or very rough depending on the seat. However, at the right time, it's one of the best roller coasters ever made. 10/10
This is the best coaster I have ridden - not going into great detail because I've already reviewed it at length on another website - because of its exceptional design. The first drop is spectacular, the cable lift is a refreshing change, and the entire ride is insanely good. Everything works and it's amazingly fluid. It's more fluid than Nitro and that's surprising because Nitro is a steel coaster. El Toro is the one coaster which I would not change in any way. I would change others; I'd add more drops to Millennium Force, add seat belts and a floor to Nitro, subtract curves from The Voyage and add more drops, expand the size of the first drop on Phoenix at Knoebels and make alterations to other coasters, but El Toro is perfect as is.
I just rode my favorite new wooden coaster. This is a great ride! The first drop is excellent. There's great acceleration going over the hills, which leads to the best airtime I've ever felt on a true wooden coaster. My favorite part is the series of banked turns near the end. Oh yeah - it is very smooth for a woodie.
The other one of the absolute perfect coasters in the park. To me, this is even better than Nitro. First off, the ride is not smooth for a wooden coaster...it's smooth for any coaster. It's the second smoothest coaster in the park. Since it uses a cable lift rather than a chain, like all the other rides minus Ka, it gets to the top of the hill suprisingly quickly which already creates tension for the ride. The first drop is incredibly steep and, especially when sitting in the back, will give you the single most thrilling element in the park. The feeling you get when going down this drop is unbeatable. Every hill on this ride gives you NO time to breathe, you will never catch a break with this ride, there's no pauses or slowing down when the train goes over it's hills which is why it creates such insane ejector airtime, the highlight of the ride. It feels like the fastest ride in the park at time because of that fact. There's not one non thrilling part of this ride. Every second of it delivers. The best wooden coaster in the world. 10/10
A brisk trip up the massive, steep lift hill, a couple of peaceful seconds to take in the scenery before plunging into an amazing first drop. If you're in the back you're at a rip roaring pace before you even hit the drop, and it doesn't let up one inch until the final brake run. There are steeper first drops out there (well, very few on woodies) but I've never felt a better one. I love this coaster so much I'm thinking of naming my first born child after it. Prob going Elle Toro if a girl and L. Toro if a boy.

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