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El Toro reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for El Toro, a roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure.

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Posted: August 8, 2011

Built in 2006, this Intamin Wooden Coaster offers specs that look like a steel mega coaster: a 188-foot lift hill, 176-foot initial drop and a top speed of 70 mph. The initial drop's angle of 76 degrees was the steepest of any wooden coaster in the world when it was built, now eclipsed by the new Texas Giant's 79 degrees. There are two trains that are usually running at full capacity. This ride is much smoother then other wooden coasters due to the pre-fab design, insane moments of airtime, and has a very fast cable lift-hill (good for all of you who fear the clanking of the slow chain).

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Best wooden coaster on the planet, hands down... A must ride if your a coaster freak. - Eric Stankovitz

The top Woodie out there. Even if it is prefab. A great lift hill. Super fast. Great air time and real smooth. Wait time in line was quick also. I just like the quickness of this Coaster. This coaster in my opinion is still the best woodie out there. Still great air time. Plenty of height and speed. Ride this one again & again. - Joe Schwartz

Best wooden coaster I have ever ridden. Quick lift speed, amazing first drop, and tons of zero gravity hills. You'll be screaming your head off the entire ride. Loses one point for a boring queue/theme. 9/10 - Joe Keenen

I've ridden probably 70 plus roller coasters from around the east coast. El Toro is by far the most complete roller coaster. From the time you start the lift hill, until the end there is non stop action. Most roller coasters, even the very good ones have great aspects, then lulls. Nitro, which I also consider excellent doesn't have the non stop thrills of El Toro. A true measure of a great coaster is the desire to sit in all different seats to experience what the coaster has to offer. El Toro is great from every seat, but the front and back are a thrill seekers dream. You probably won't find one person who doesn't think El Toro is at least a very good coaster. - craig shapiro

I wish I could give this one a 10/10, but I can't. It's smoother than steel (way better than the park's terrible Mine Train Coaster) and it's packed with airtime! The reason I can't is because of the ride's terrible restraint system. If El Toro had a restrain system similar to Nitro, this ride would be a 10/10, but the restrains hinder the airtime that you get on this ride. Being stapled into your seat, you can still feel this bucking bull trying to buck you, but you also know you're not going anywhere, which takes away from the thrill. Other than the terrible restraints, this ride is one of those top notch rides you've gotta do if you're at the park. Just don't be surprised if you end up preferring Nitro to it. 9/10 - Mike Brilhart

A great roller coaster. The best, but not my favorite. Overall, a perfect coaster with unbelievable airtime and probably my favorite 1st drop (76 degrees on a wooden). I love the smoothness. I think it is truly the perfect layout. The hills have the best airtime. The twists might have been even better! Both an out and back AND a twister! 10/10 - Edward Morgan

I love this ride! - Mike Flynn

This ride's airtime and drop are just crazy. The ride honestly feels like your ridding a bull. Its so awsome, deffinatly perfection. Wish I could ride it more as I only rode it twice. Dont forget that secret drop before the zig zags! That produces awsome airtime! - Joey Till

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