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As the tallest rollercoaster in the world Kingda Ka shoots its riders 456 feet and 3 inches in the air in a vertical position. It goes 128 miles per hour (206 km/h) in 3.5 seconds.


Comparisons to TTD are inevitable, so here it goes. For me, TTD easily wins this coaster war. I love to ride TTD again and again because it is so smooth. I had NO desire to ride KK more than once. One ride gave me a pretty good headache and slight nausea. I've never had those feelings on TTD - just pure exhilaration! The launch on KK is incredible, but the rest of the ride simply shakes too much. If they would fix the shaking, this would be so much fun. Also, TTD feels scarier because there's no OTSR.
I think I whited out :).

But why did they wait until 1 PM to open the ride?

I loved Kingda Ka the first time I rode it, but the second time I went there it was closed for more than half the day! It was opened and closed on and off, and finally at the end of the day 30 min before the park closed, it opened. I was about to get on line at around 9:58 but a park staff at the entrance told me the park was closed and I couldn't get in line! I was shocked and told him that I was waiting all day for the ride to open, but he just said "parks closed." I was surprised at how rude he was and how he didn't even feel compassion! Anyway, moral-get on the ride if you see it opened because it might not open again! -6
Until you've take a ride on Kingda Ka, you can't fully appreciate the meaning of true intensity. Everyone needs to take at least one ride on this beast, preferably in the slow early or late season when walk-on's are possible. It's not worth waiting an entire day for when you could be riding Nitro or El Toro, but it's totally worth a ride if the lines are short and you're up to tackling the world's tallest roller coaster.
I hate to say it but Top Thrill Dragster takes the cake. This ride almost feels to fast that the train vibrates to much. Its just to much rattle and air in your face to really just throw your hands up and have a great time (which you can do on TTD) Top Thrill Dragsters my 2nd favorite coaster, KK is not even in my top ten. Still fun tho.
I used to be outraged that all these coasters overseas were taking the speed record (there were 2) because they seemed so weak. It seemed like the launch would be the only good part. It turns out KK is just the same. It's already been said- it just flies over the top unlike TTD which feels like an almost rollback every time. This is what you get when Six Flags goes for a record breaker. Over the Shoulders, and a few measle feet taller and barely faster. I hate on Six Flags a lot. A few coasters at each park are good but not the ones that get all the hype when they first open.
OUCH, This was terrible. This ride is pretty much a launch and they get that wrong even in the first car it felt the speed of Nitro. No ride without loops should have an OTSR! It was very rough unlike TTD's amazing and smooth experience. It was painful and boring. Not worth the 3 hour wait this poor excuse of a copy gives! 3/10 (I'm also mad because this ride was just made to beat Dragster's record.)

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