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Houdini - The Great Escape reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Houdini - The Great Escape , a simulator ride at Six Flags New England.

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Posted: June 10, 2011

A Vekoma Mad House - a combination ride-and-show, topped off by an encounter with the spirit of Houdini.

Must be 48" min. to ride alone, no height min. with adult.

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I think this ride is a neat idea. If they'd just skip the whole charade before you're seated I think it'd be better. I really didn't like the entrance to the ride, it's a very narrow, almost clausterphobic, concrete block corridor that was filthy & I mean FILTHY dirty w/yellow jackets buzzing there in/out of the garbage can which is set up right by the door that you hafta stand in line at. VERY poor place to put a trash can, why not put it OUTside...away from the entrance! We, in line, didn't know if the ride was open or not b/c the door was locked but there was no sign on the door & being a newbie at the park, didn't really know anything about the ride. They should put a sign on the door to let people know that yes, the ride is open but is currently in motion to please wait patiently. Other than that, the actual ride itself was really neat & different. I think you'd enjoy it if you just get past the narrative part. - Adrienne McDonald

A tremendous amount of time is spent setting up the mysterious story of Houdini - maybe too much considering the limited payoff. First, there's a five minute preshow with video, lights, and sounds, then five minutes of atmospheric setup once you are seated in the ride itself, and finally the main attraction: two minutes of rocking back and forth while the room around you spins to make you think you are inverting. You have to give some props just for the attempt at a Disney-like narrative experience, but overall I was very disappointed in this attraction. An awful lot of setup for a very lame payoff. - James Rao

It's a great ride considering how much themeing was on the ride and how unique it was. The themeing was as great as Disney rides and it if you have never gone on it, you won't expect what will happen. Something you shouldn't miss if you want something out of the ordinary. - Matt Untalan

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