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Indiana Jones - Temple of the Crystal Skull

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Motion Base Ride
Minimum height to ride: 46 inches

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Follow in the footsteps of Dr. Indiana Jones in a harrowing, life-or-death quest for the legendary Fountain of Youth. But beware the Fountain is purported to be guarded by a vengeful, supernatural spirit known as the Crystal Skull!


Fantastic ride. It is very similar to the DL version (which is slightly better), but it also carries its own distinct atmosphere. The whole thing is more ominous and feels much, much more like an actual temple. The ride itself has some amazing effects and seems to have more exciting movement than DL's version. However, I have one huge problem with the ride. The music cuts out from the snake room until the blackout section. Every time I ride, I find it jarring since all the other scenes contain music. However, the tornado effect, the skull effects, and the shooting head more than make up for this. It is one of the best rides ever made. 10/10
This ride has it all: A beautiful queue, a grand exterior, and a long exciting ride.
This ride was great. The theme, the effects, the queue theme, the fact that it was an actual roller coaster. As a roller coaster fan, I did wish that it went faster or had more excitement. However, it was still great and on par with Disney's coaster speeds. I would compare it, theme wise, to the Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Orlando, minus the fast parts or backwards parts (I would say minus the fun, but that seems harsh).
I agree...better than the original, albeit excellent original.
I love this version of Indiana Jones - it's so much grander and larger than the Disney version, and just more,wonderful. We rode it over and over and would have happily continued to if time allowed.
Queue line is gorgeous yet again. Long lines are the norm here so either fastpass, or single rider (inquire and they will shoot you through the fastpass line for singles here). Comparing to the almost identical California version here are the specific differences to look out for! (skip to end if you don't care for "spoilers". This version basically plays the same music background track as California during the beginning, and the very end of the ride, but the main ride segment was void of background music, which felt odd to me being so used to the soundtrack. But no matter, the ride itself was the same, but with no door changing effect in the beginning..only one door, but a nice decorated little sanctum in there to look at while you entered the middle door. There's a cool tornado effect and a different looking laser for an eye instead of fire in the main room. During the part of the ride where (in California's the ride stalls in the dark) there's a scene with a really cool vapor fire ball(!) swirling into your car. I much prefer this versus a stop in the dark in California. The sword room is a blow dart room here, with similar air gust effects, and most noticeably for me was the ball drop scene I believe had the front end of the room telescoping towards you, versus in California the back of the room telescopes behind you, but basically it appears like the ball is coming towards you, instead of the car feeling like it's moving backwards. ...I can't verify this yet, but I will ask around.

All in all, the ride is one of the best. Enjoy the differences and similarities!

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