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Transformers: The Ride

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Motion Base Ride
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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Enter the queue to this motion base 3D ride and you'll be told that you're a new recruit on the NEST team, helping the Autobots defend Earth from the Decepticons. But before you finish training, you're rushed into battle with EVAC, a rookie Autobot, and told to take the Allspark - the Transfomers' source of power - to safety.

The ride takes you through your battles with the Decepticons, which you'll see in 3D as EVAC (who transforms into your ride vehicle) dips, drops, bucks and speeds along the way.

Transformers The Ride opened officially on December 3, 2011 and was designed by Universal Creative's Thierry Coup, with Transformers director Michael Bay consulting and the same Industrial Light and Magic team that created the Transformers for the films creating their visuals for the ride.


Amazing "clone" of Spider-man, but it is cranked up a few notches in the thrills department with completely different motion simulation. Although it feels familiar because of the ride system, it is a completely different experience.
The park's best ride is also its most popular, so head here early or be prepared for an hour-plus wait. Similar to Spider-Man and Harry Potter in Orlando, Tranformers is the smoothest incarnation of the 3D motion dark rides. The effects are stunning and well integrated into he Tranformers universe (and no, your enjoyment doesn't depend on having seen, or on having liked the movies). The only negative aspect might be a slight twinge of been there, done that for seasoned Universal park fans. Transformers doesn't feature the range of motion of Harry Potter, nor the startling ingenuity of Spider-Man (which was such a revelation when it debuted more than a decade ago). It's a minor quibble. Transformers is a fantastic refinement of an amazing experience and should not be missed on a visit to Universal Studios Singapore.

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