Blockbuster Cafe

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Counter service Restaurant

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- Cheese pizza slices
- Penne pasta
- Grilled vegetable sandwich
- Ham and cheese baguette
- Tuna baguette
- Pastrami and mozzarella baguette
- Chicken and sun-dried tomato baguette
- Croque-Monsieur
- Ham and mushroom bruschetta
- Three-cheese salad
- Chicken salad
- Desserts


...I can't believe this is in a Disney park. Everything is prepackaged, there's a coffee machine that takes change to dispense coffee by the condiments. The prices were outrageous for what you were getting, and the food was pretty terrible. My wrap was dated with yesterdays date (as the made on date..not the sell by date, but still). And I thought maybe because the studios park as a whole felt like an inferior six flags type park that this was just the theme, but later in the day even at the Disneyland park I saw the same prepackaged wraps in the quickservice places there! I really can't believe this is what the food situation is over at the Paris resort, compared to something like Epcot, or even the latest creations of deliciousness in a breadbowl over at Disneyland, CA.

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