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Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquee de Remi

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Trackless Ride

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Some six years in the making, and at a reported investment of €150 million, “Remy's Totally Zany Adventure” officially opens to the public on 10 July 2014. It's a trackless 3D dark ride that shrinks you to Remy's size for a wild chase through a Paris restaurant kitchen, inspired by the Pixar animated film.


I was so excited to ride this attraction. I love Pooh's Honey Hunt. I really think Ratatouille was one of the most underappreciated of Disney's recent films. Bringing Remy's story alive using Pooh's trackless ride system including 3-D seemed like a great idea. Sadly the result is not as great as I'd hoped. The best part of PHH is the way riders relate to other people also experiencing the attraction. Here, you don't get that feeling. I think it's a really good ride on it's own, but when compared to it's ancestry, including Spider man it falls a bit short.
This is quite overrated. It is decently themed and the ride vehicles are fun, but the screens are just meh. I don't have much to compare apart from Universal's screen based rides which employ the screens much better. Overall, it is the best themed part of the park.
A great trackless ride. The ride featured some amazing theming and some thrilling elements, such as when the ride vehicle is swept away by a broom which causes the vehicle to unexpectedly spin. My main issue with the ride is how little the ride vehicle moves during the motion simulator portions of the ride. If you though that Minion Mayhem's movements were too subtle and not violent enough, then this ride's motions will disappoint you.
Commendable. I was excited for this ride, and it was cute. The trackless ride system is what makes this ride unique. The other aspects are not up to the standard of what Universal has set with Spiderman (12 years ago now!). In this ride, it is structured as obvious fun transitioning from 3D movie to 3D movie. There is no movement of the cars during the video segments, so the ride isn't seamless. Also it felt like the 3D technology was old in this, as all the footage was blurry and not crisp..(red and blue glasses vs. dolby digital 3D?) Don't get me wrong, the ride is cute, and kids will likely love it, but having expectations to see Disney's latest and greatest as a response to Universal's ride systems..I'm not sold. I'll have to go visit Mystic Manor to see that, as trackless cars really are quite fun.
Mediocre ride. I love Universal simulator-real props type of rides because the inmmersion is perfectly done, sometime you can't make the difference between the screen and the reality! All that I love from Universal is not present in this ride. In the vast majority of cases you obviously know that you are looking at a screen and the combination between real props and 3D is poorly executed. Another issue: the combination of french and english in the dialogue is just bad. What I did like was the trackless system that made riders feel that they were truly folowing a rat's movement. The ride is highly overrated, however 5/10.
A perfect 3-D, trackless family ride. The French/English integration is perfect. You get to see all of your favorite characters, even if they are only in the background. The ride system is wonderful. It's a different experience depending on your car, which adds to the fun.

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