Universal's answer to The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train should be The Thirteen Dwarfs Mine Train

May 2, 2014, 9:10 AM

With an AA of Smaug at the end.

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May 2, 2014, 10:29 AM

I love this so much. :^)

Edited: May 2, 2014, 9:33 PM

Somebody definitely should put The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings in their park! They offer a rich mythology and have a huge, built in fan base. And Gandalf is a WAY better wizard than Harry Potter.

May 4, 2014, 8:26 AM

Good one, Daniel! If only this would happen.

(Hello, Christopher Tolkien! This is Reality calling. Trying to make yourself relevant by withholding the licensing rights to your father's works does not make you relevant. What it does do is make you look like a leech inflating his self-importance off his father's legacy. Sell the rights to a good theme park company and let your father's fans enjoy the magnificence of his works in another form!)

May 27, 2014, 6:44 AM

I was thinking something like Everest and make Smaug like the yeti (except he would work)

May 28, 2014, 4:03 PM

Mr. Etcheberry writes: "With an AA of Smaug at the end."

I Respond: Brilliant! That would mean there would FINALLY be a theme park attraction created by Universal that featured a large creature chasing you. I mean other than the dragon and spider in "Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey" ... or "Kongfrontation" ... or "Jaws" ... or "Men In Black: Alien Attack" (Big Bug) ... or "Jurassic Park River Adventure" ... or the other dinosaur in the creatively named "Back to the Future: the Ride" ... um ...

May 29, 2014, 1:40 PM

I agree, THC! That would be a big change for Universal to go down that path. I mean, what a game changer because we know that Disney would never use that tired, old cliche in a theme park ride.

Well, not really,.... unless you count Expedition Everest (That doesn't really count because the Yeti doesn't actually move), and maybe Dinosaur (It's so dark, who can tell.), and the carnivorous hippos in the old version of the Jungle Cruise, and whoops, I forgot about ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter, and Snow White's Scary Adventures (To a little kid that witch is big!), and let's not forget the Death Star in Star Tours. Yeah, that's definitely some trailblazing that Universal is doing by having something scary chase you around in a theme park ride.

Gee, I wonder if the oft-mentioned, but slow as molasses in development Avatar Land/Pandora will have anything monstrous like a flying dragon chase you around in either the boat ride or the Soarin' clone. Maybe Disney will tiptoe over the line and join Universal in that groundbreaking territory. ;^)

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