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August 31, 2016, 7:12 PM

Does anyone know the future of the Disneyland Paris Resort? What future lands/attractions are expected at the parks? What is the ten-year time line for both parks? Are any rides expected for next year?

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September 1, 2016, 1:27 AM

Star Wars season of the force starts in January and ends march. I don't think it's much to get excited about though as it is all happening in the walt disney studios park with a new projection nighttime show on the tower of terror, meet and greets and parades. Then i think star tours the adventure continues is set to open after season of the force. We will also see the new explosion scene added into big thunder mountain like disneyland has and also we will be getting a refurb of space mountain with new trains next year. As far as the future of the park goes I'm not too sure. When disneyland paris revealed their refurbishment schedule it said that they were going to reimagine the studio tram tour to add new scenes (possibility of marvel) but I think that it has been pulled till a later date.
There have been rumours flying around that we will see toy story mania come to walt disney studios as well as a marvel land which would take the place of where Armageddon, rock and roller coaster and the stunt show is. I only presume that it will be resins of the current attractions and no new ones. For disneyland park there was the possibility of a mini Star Wars land opening behind space mountain but it is all down to costs. Expect to see a new ride in adventureland in the future as when the park originally opened they left a lot of land next to the temple of peril ride for the indiana jones adventure, but again it was pulled because of cost issues.

September 1, 2016, 5:55 AM

bonjour ca va bien?
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September 1, 2016, 8:31 AM

I have no idea what's going to happen with either of the Paris parks, but I'd be happy with a Toy Story Mania attraction. I know it's not the best ride in the world, but for a park that's lacking as much as DLP is, I think something like that would work well. They just added a third track in Orlando, and it's also in Anaheim, so they probably could create the attraction pretty quickly, and at a low cost, while giving people in the area a high quality addition.

I don't think Disneyland Paris/Walt Disney Studios needs anything exclusive at this time. Just find some great existing attractions and add them where they might fit. Maybe in ten years, they will be in better shape, and can consider another original attraction like Ratatouille.

Man, Paris and Hong Kong's parks really have a lot of work to do. I wonder which of them will close first?

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Disneyland Paris really is lacking. Toy Story Mania opened in 2008 in Disneyland and Disney World. Although, it would be a nice addition to Walt Disney Studios Park. I just think they should have added the ride years ago.

Gabriel Schroll, I agree with you, Disneyland Paris could just add some existing attractions found in other Disney parks. Some examples of attractions that would work include: The Little Mermaid, Monsters Inc, Soarin' Around the World, Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. These rides would be cost efficient, and wouldn't take up much space. Plus, the rides would be replicas of the attractions found at other Disney parks around the world. It wouldn't take much time, money, or effort to build them.

The Ratatouille ride was a nice addition to Walt Disney Studios Park, which doesn't offer many attractions to begin with. You get more bang for your buck at Disneyland Paris park. Disney should look to expand Walt Disney Studios Park in the future. Marvel Land would be another nice addition to an already lacking park. At least it would bring more excitement to the park. Maybe they could insert Frozen Ever After, the same attraction found in Epcot? It probably wouldn't take much to make that happen.

Disneyland Paris should look to upgrade Star Tours, to The Adventure Continues. Again, it wouldn't take much time or effort, as well as money. It would basically be a clone of an already exiting attraction found in other Disney parks world wide.

I hope Disneyland Paris will expand in the future. An already struggling resort needs to upgrade, in order to draw more visitors to the park. Hopefully this will happen sooner, rather than later? AJ Hummel, have you heard anything?

September 1, 2016, 3:05 PM

Like I said in the WDW speculation thread, I only really follow the So Cal parks closely and most of what I know for other parks can be found elsewhere on the internet. However, here's what I remember reading...

Disneyland: Most people have said that this park will likely be more focused on upgrading existing attractions than adding anything new, at least for the immediate future. From visiting this park myself several years ago, it definitely felt stuck in the 90s. The Star Tours upgrade has been confirmed to debut next year, and they are also currently working on doing heavy refurbishment to Big Thunder Mountain. Beyond that, I have a feeling that Space Mountain, the Fantasyland dark rides, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Phantom Manor will probably all receive overhauls similar in scale to what has been done at other parks. With the park's 30th anniversary in 2022, I'm sure Disney wants it to be looking as fresh as possible.

As for new attractions at this park, the earliest I would expect to see anything brand new open would be possibly for the anniversary. Star Wars is a possibility, but the layout of Disneyland Paris makes it a bit hard to wedge a full land in anywhere. If it does happen, it would probably be a mini-land wedged between Star Tours and Small World. The other likely location for a new attraction would be Adventureland, as it would connect the loop, but I'm highly skeptical of the Indiana Jones Adventure clone rumor. Lastly, there is speculation about Disneyland's Frozen dark ride being added to Disneyland Paris's Fantasyland (though there it would replace Pinocchio and/or Snow White), but if these rides receive upgrades that is highly unlikely to happen.

Walt Disney Studios: Unlike Disneyland, this park needs a lot of work as it is currently not worthy of the Disney name (though I hear Ratatouille is a step in the right direction...that wasn't there when I visited). The problem is that the Studio Tram Tour blocks a lot of the expansion area, so this will need to be removed or re-routed before anything major can be added. I do not know what the project status is, but reportedly this was going to happen during the off-season and then Toy Story Midway Mania was supposed to be added to Toy Story Playland in 2018 or 2019. Beyond that, I would expect Marvel Land to be added to the park at some point (probably 2022), likely with similar attractions to what Disney California Adventure receives (though with a rethemed Rock 'n Roller Coaster instead of a new Tron type coaster). There was also a rumor of copying Avatar Land in Paris, but I would bet against that at this time.

One thing I will say is that if you are looking for completely original attractions, I would not look toward the Paris parks. Having visited, the best rides at the resort are the ones that copied a concept from another Disney park but put a twist on it, and most of the original rides developed for the resort fall flat (again, Ratatouille is the exception here). My guess is we will see either clones or twists on existing attractions coming to the resort in the near future rather than Disney developing brand new attractions for the Paris resort. Once the resort is stabilized, however, that could change, but I expect it to be a decade or more before Disneyland Paris is generating revenue anywhere near the US resorts.

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