PortAventura previews its new Ferrari Land

January 21, 2017, 12:27 PM

One of the 2017 debuts I'm most looking forward to is the new Ferrari Land expansion at PortAventura World in Spain. I've not been to this resort before (which was part of the Universal Studios chain from 1997-2004), but it's been high on my wish list, and the addition of this new development should bump it up even higher on that list.

This would be the second major Ferrari-themed attraction in the world, following Ferrari World Abu Dhabi (which I also missed on my recent trip to the UAE — the more I write on this thread, the more I feel like I'm slacking in my fandom here. Sigh.)

Ferrari Land will be a separate gate at the Spanish park, and is expected to open in April, highlighted by a 367-foot tall vertical accelerator coaster that will be the tallest and fastest in Europe.

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