Dark Harbor opens at the Queen Mary tonight

September 28, 2017, 1:09 PM

We've covered Universal Studios Hollywood's Halloween Horror Nights and Knott's Berry Farm's Knott's Scary Farm, but there's one more well-established Halloween scare event at a local attraction — The Queen Mary's Dark Harbor.

Set at the permanently docked cruise ship in Long Beach (which once was controlled by Disney and provided the foundation of the design for what would become Tokyo DisneySea), Dark Harbor runs Thursday through Sunday nights through Nov. 1, plus Oct. 25, 31, and Nov. 1. General admission tickets start at $24.

From the Queen Mary's press release:

Swelter with fear in FEAST Maze, 4th maze onboard the ship, for a terrifying journey into the legend of Chef

Venture into the frozen depths of Chef’s Meat Locker for a unique 7-degree ice bar experience

Stumble upon the secret hidden sidebar inside one of Dark Harbor’s mazes for a one-of-a-kind experience

INTREPID: Meet the mastermind, the creator and now the protector of the Queen Mary, Iron Master.

CIRCUS: Step right up as the Ringmaster startles with disorienting illusions, maniacal magic acts, and a cadre of sideshow freaks.

DEADRISE: Captain and the dark vessel’s crew have risen from the deep for a battle against the living.

SOULMATE: Escape the gloves of Graceful Gale as she feverishly searches for her eternal mate.

B340: Descend into the insidious mind of Samuel the Savage to face his worst nightmares.

LULLABY: Hush Hush don’t cry; Scary Mary is just looking for her next playmate

SIDESHOW: Step ‘backstage”, rub elbows with resident freaks, take in a show or a drink at the secret bar

CREEPY CABANAS: Host a private soiree, order a freak show, enjoy instant access to Sideshow & Swings

R.I.P. LOUNGE: Hover above Dark Harbor at the exclusive ghost-eye-view VIP bar with all-you-can-eat tacos

SINISTER SWINGS: Take a spin on the infamous Neverland Ranch Ride

MAINSTAGE: DJ spins between a variety of nightly entertainment shows, plus special guest performances.

Have you been to Dark Harbor in previous years? Leave us your thoughts, below.

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Edited: September 28, 2017, 2:16 PM

I've always preferred Queen Mary's Dark Harbor over both Universal & Knotts for the actual experience. It's scarier for half the price! I usually attend all 3 during the season & Queen Mary has been my favorite for the past 3 years.

Universal has the production value, Knotts has the quantity, but I always have more fun at Queen Mary.

The mazes are longer & the ones on the actual ship are the best. These particular mazes benefit from actually taking visitors through parts of the ship that aren't open to the public, so they have somewhat of a built in playground.

They didn't have to create anything.....their canvas was built in the 1930s.....they simply dress it up, hide the scare actors & send you in (in small groups)

So you experiences dark corridors, old walkways & areas that are already somewhat creepy. Plus it doesn't follow a traditional room to room loop. There are long hallways, bridges, lobbies, etc.

There are also a few constructed mazes that aren't on the ship, (one is in the huge dome) & those are well done as well. Most of the themes are of the nautical persuasion. (Expect to get wet in one particular maze, lol)

In terms of other entertainment, in recent years they've had a carnival swing spinner from MJ's Neverland Ranch, & a house of oddities that required a separate admission.

While it can get crowded, it's certainly smaller than the crowds one finds at Universal & Knotts.

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