Jurassic World and Universal Studios Hollywood Expansion

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I'm excited for Jurassic World when it opens at Universal Studios Hollywood next year. I know the ride system will be the same, however, new dinosaurs, technology, and new scenes are supposed to be different than the original ride, Jurassic Park. I feel it will be a greta addition to the park.

Along with Kung Fu Panda, and Jurassic World, what other attractions are being mentioned at USH? I know Nintendo Land is being discussed. Which will also be created in Orlando as well. Will USH expand more on Harry Potter World? As they have, and will continue to do so in Orlando.

What Universal produced movies would make good ideas for rides? They could make a ride based on the movie, Sing. They could also make rides based on the movies, Trolls, and The Secret Life of Pets. Or, rides based on Dr. Seuss, such as The Lorax, or the Grinch. They could make it similar to The Cat in the Hat ride they have in Orlando. To be honest, that's one of my favorite rides at Universal. Would USH ever consider brining it to their park? If not, they could create a ride based on The Grinch. That would make for a cool ride I think.

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June 13, 2018, 11:10 AM

I have a feeling that Robert will not like this, but Inside Universal just posted a podcast where they discuss what's currently going on in the parks, where Secret Life of Pets will possibly be built, and future projects.


June 13, 2018, 2:56 PM

We're all throwing spitballs at the wall right now. Go ahead. (I've guested on that podcast before, BTW.)

Secret Life of Pets has issues until Louis C.K.'s career comes back from the dead. And if I'm running USH, I am slow-walking additions until my growth rate no longer leads the nation.

June 13, 2018, 4:13 PM

AJ Hummel, what kind of attractions do you foresee, or have heard about at Universal Studios Hollywood?

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Secret Life of Pets 2 is still on track for a scheduled for release next summer. Patton Oswald took over for Louis C.K......(Harrison Ford & Tiffany Haddish are also new additions)

The new animated Grinch film is scheduled for release this Nov., but because USH already has the Christmas themed overlay with this character, I don't see them dedicating a year round attraction to the character. Instead, I think they'll just incorporate the animated version in their (current or possibly revamped) Christmas overlay.

June 13, 2018, 8:40 PM

Timbo, just as a reminder I do not have any direct connection to project teams. I do sometimes hear stuff from friends of friends who work with those on the project or from friends who work at a particular park, but a majority of it comes from using those small pieces of information to piece together a ton of internet rumors and determine which are likely correct.

Unfortunately, as I discontinued my Universal pass last year, I don't know that much about what is going on there right now. All I can say is this:

-Jurassic World is next year's big addition. It was supposed to be Secret Life of Pets, but that ride won't be ready then. Supposedly it is designed, but Universal hasn't approved the budget for it yet. It could still be ready for 2020 if construction begins in the fall.
-Nintendo Land is still on track for USH in the early 2020s despite possibly being reworked in Florida. What it will contain is TBD, but I expect this to be the next major addition in California. The lower lot redesign needs to be completed before Nintendo World opens.
-A Wizarding World expansion is possible after Nintendo Land, but it largely depends on how successful the new attraction is in Florida and how the Fantastic Beasts film does this fall. Universal is absolutely invested in Harry Potter, but only if they're confident they will get a return on their investment.
-I haven't heard anything about other future attractions (not even reliable rumors), but I expect Dreamworks properties and the big Universal tentpoles (Jurassic Park/World, Secret Life of Pets, Despicable Me, & Fast and Furious) to be the primary drivers behind upcoming attractions. Dr. Seuss attractions probably won't happen, and if they do it will be based on new movies rather than anything previously released.

Edited: June 14, 2018, 10:36 AM

I think all future USH plans are dependent upon the fate of the lower lot and how Comcast wants to use its studio and sound stages. If Comcast is successful in purchasing Fox under Disney's nose (just submitted a bid higher than Disney's offer after the AT&T/TW merger was approved), they may choose to consolidate all of their production resources at a single facility (aside from Studio 12, one of the largest sound stages in Hollywood, the Fox lot would duplicate much of what the Universal lot already has). That may allow Universal to virtually empty the lower lot of productions, which would free up tons of space for expansion.

I think any development/expansion at USH is dependent upon the future of the active production studio.

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