Help us decide: DCA or Warner tour halloween event

August 7, 2018, 2:58 PM

So we´re visiting SoCal in October. First time we´re visiting in Halloween season. We only have 3 full days.

Our plan was one day at Mickey Halloween party, one day at USH HHN, and one day at DCA. But we just found out that Warner tour is having their own Halloween event and we want to go so bad, but I also really want to ride GOTG: Monsters After Dark and my sister was looking forward to Incredicoaster.

Maybe we can try to get to DCA on arrival day before park closing time to do Monsters After Dark and go to Warner tour on the day we were planning to do a full day at DCA.
But sis isn´t loving this idea, she wants to got to Warner just as bad as I do but she also wants a full day at DCA.

What to do?

We already have tickets for Mickey´s Halloween party but I caN´T find the tickets for USH HHN. Weren´t they suppose to go on sale today?

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August 7, 2018, 3:05 PM

Since you can do DCA as well as DL for three hours before MHP begins, I would go there and try to get Monsters After Dark. Then spend the third day at WB.

Here's the link for the USH HHN tickets.

August 7, 2018, 7:33 PM

Do you think its possible to do both Warner and Universal in the same day (Saturday) IF we buy either the Universal Express or The Losers Club? Or do you think we would need the front of line at both to be able to do them in one day?

Edited: August 7, 2018, 8:37 PM

No and why? What’s the point? You can’t leave Universal that easily. Or arrive later easily since it’s a madhouse of people. So you do each park for 3 hours each and spend 1 hour trying to navigate traffic and crowds despite the front of the line passes. Otherwise go ahead. It’s your Halloween horror night.

Edited: August 8, 2018, 12:55 PM

I'll actually say that it IS possible to do both Warner & Universal on the same day, but it won't be easy breezy. You'd just have to taper your expectations & plan to stay to the end at one of the them. (I think Universal stay open lan hour longer than Warner), so you might want to start at WB.

As Anton mentioned, there will be a madhouse of people, but I've arrived at HHN at bit after 10pm before & was still able to go through all the mazes (with a FOTL pass) before the park closed.

Once you're physically off the properties, traffic between the 2 won't be an issue, but parking & entering each (with security, etc.) could eat up time.

Some people would never do both, so they could enjoy & maximize their time at one. Others would jump in and knock both out in a night & be happy that they did! I've spent time at Disney, Knotts & Universal in a single day, so I'm more inclined to go with the flow, but these things vary, lol.

It definitely is a personal preference & depends on personality & endurance. There's no law that says you have to see EVERYTHING at both events. You could limit yourself to the more highly rated mazes (although you are still paying) & find that it was beneficial.

So it is possible to do both, but you'd just have to prep a bit more more & realize what comes along with it, but you can hit both the same night. Have fun!

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