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Edited: August 27, 2019, 9:47 AM

For those of you who don't read all of the discussion responses, there was the radical assumption made that no matter what Disney made, as long as it was new, the crowds would show up for it...and then mentioned that even if it were a Howard the Duck attraction people would swarm to it.

Unfortunately, the posters don't appear to have been tracking the attendance of Disneyland this season where there has been a decided lack of crowds after a major themed land was opened.

So...would a Howard the Duck attraction really attract a large crowd? I would surmise that it would greatly depend on the attraction itself.

Therefore, your goal, should you choose to accept it, is to create a Howard the Duck attraction that would definitely draw a huge crowd.

This is just going to be a one-off challenge for Theme Park Apprentice...but if we decide we like doing these, there will be more to follow.

I think for this one, we should set the end date as Sept 8, one minute before midnight and judging will start on Sept 9. Just so I don't have to try and talk Mr. Koehl and other judges out of retirement...let's just have the community do the critique and judging for now...

...and yes there is a certain lack of specific rules right now....please don't make me regret not posting the 10-page rule listing we normally have.

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August 27, 2019, 4:55 PM

Oh Gawd, what have I done?

August 28, 2019, 11:59 AM

I'll have to see if I can take the time to watch it again. It's been a while for that one.
Interesting, wild challenge.

August 30, 2019, 1:47 PM

I will be posting a response.

Edited: September 7, 2019, 9:52 PM

Howard the Duck presents One Strange Afternoon

The Following was found on queue cards after the end of D23….

Welcome to D23.5, where we’re announcing the theme park attractions that didn’t make the cut for D23. We’ve got a lot to get through, so please everyone settle.

Here at Imagineering, we’ve been hearing some rumours that the licensing department are planning to potentially get rid of some of the properties our team consider the crown jewels of Disney. Although many of these IPs are dormant now, we feel the need to protect these for future generations of Disney fans. We know from Mary Poppins Returns that when the time is right these IPs will return to the forefront of the public mind, and we’re going to ensure that when they do, they’ll be proceeded with the Disney logo.

Now, we admit that getting some of these old IPs back into the park is going to require us to come up with a brilliant plan to get Marketing to sign off on it. So we’ve put back together one of Marvel’s classic duos. One of the newest members of the MCU will reunite with the character that founded the MCU. If you thought that was Iron Man, then you are wrong. We are of course talking about this guy.

(Logo is displayed: Howard The Duck Presents: One Strange Afternoon)

Yes, thats right, we’re putting Dr Steven Strange back with Howard The Duck

(Pause for applause)

Guests will start the attraction in Yensid’s Department Store. Why Yensids? Where else is a duck going to get a pair of pants?

(Pause for laughter)

We’ll be placing Yensid’s right on Main Street, where you’d expect to find it in the real world. After guests have gone through various departments, making your way to the Book department where the guests will take a seat. Once they have the lights will flicker, and go dark. When they return on, the department store will no longer be for people, but for ducks.

A Celebrity duck will enter the room, and take one long look at the guests before reading a poem.

(Queue Gary Busey dramatic poetry recording)
Life…. Is Like…..A Hurricane!
Racecars…. Lasers….. Aeroplanes….It’s….an APE WORLD
Might solve a mystery…… OR REWRITE HISTORY!
Ape Tales… Woo-hoo. Every day…. They’re out there! Making APETALES, Woo-Hoo.

As the reading goes on a battle starts to rage outside the store’s large glass window, superhero ducks are fighting each other. This eventually overshadows the recording until Duck-Thanos appears, and snaps his fingers. Fingers? Whatever it is these duck people have, he snaps them, and the room goes dark.

Except for one Duck. Our Hero, HOWARD THE DUCK.

Howard: “Oh great. Just when it starts to get good the lights go out”

The duck lights what seems to be a match, and walks around the room. The room is now empty of furniture except the seats that you the guests are sitting in.

Howard: “What the Quack?”

At this moment, a reddish portal opens in the ceiling, and Dr Strange descends through it

Strange: “Excuse me, what are you doing in my meditative void?”

Howard: “Oh great, it’s you, totally not Sherlock Holmes. What the Quack do you think we’re doing here?”

Strange: “Odd. I’ve never met you, yet I feel some strange affinity towards you, or some food really didn’t agree with me. How did you get here small creature?”.

Howard: “Look, all I know is that guy with the gauntlet and the big gems snapped his fingers, or whatever, and now we’re here”

(Strange creates a few portals, and studies through them intently)

Strange: “Listen to me Small Visitor, I can explain how you got here.”

Howard: “Like Maybe I’m here for some greater purpose, cosmic cause?”

Strange: “No”

Howard: “Oh thank Quack. The last person who told me that was really annoying”

Strange: “In every universe there are a set of powerful stones, called Infinity stones. In many universes these are collected by a being called Thanos, who seeks to eliminate half of the population of the universe in order that it might be better able to sustain life. Ever since he was defeated in my universe, the power of the stones in other universes seems to have been affected, weaked. Rather than making you unexist, it appears they moved you here instead. This is very interesting, and distrubing”

Howard: “Look, can you get us back where we belong or not?

Strange: “Perhaps. Whatever is the case, I can’t have you in here. Your breathing is getting on my nerves”

Howard: “Charming”

The seats the guests are in will now move through a portal onto a motion simulator platform. Surrounding this platform is the next generation of circle-vision - projected on a dome there are no seams in the footage, so it completely surrounds the viewer above and around, so every participant can see the cosmic surrounds and fully believe that Steven Strange and Howard The Duck are leading them on this adventure - and why wouldn’t you, you can see them in the front row of the ride!

Howard: “Oh Great. It looks like the guy paying for these effects got them second hand from some cheap British Time Travel Show”

Strange: “I get this strange feeling you’re annoying on all worlds”

Howard: “Right back at you”.

The ride moves around this cosmic void for a few moments, until Strange creates a portal, which leads to a dark tunnel

Strange: “Okay, this seems right, does any of this seem familiar?”

The platforms move through this tunnel and into the light to reveal… Earl Sinclair?

Earl: Honey I’m home! Hello Baby, can you say Daddy?


a Giant Frypan starts to overshadow the ride

Howard: Make with the Mojo Monkeyboy

Strange: I’m trying

Portal opens at the last moment, leading to a jungle...

Howard: where the heck are we now?

Marsupilami “Huuuu-Bar!” As he swings past the crowd “come on Maurice”

The ground begins to shake

Howard: “I’m getting a bad feeling about this”

Strange opens another portal to a forest, but the shaking is even greater now as giant Gummi Bears bounce over the guests

Howard: Really? You can save the world but you can’t stop putting us into dangerous situations? I’m beginning to wonder if the ending of Endgame would have gone better without you.

Strange: you’re not helping

Another portal opens leading to Saint Canard

Howard: it looks like we’re getting somewhere now. At least I can see some ducks.

Strange: let’s be sure it’s right before we get too excited

At this moment you can hear launchpad McQuack call “I’m coming DW” and the Thunderquack starts barrelling towards the guests

Strange: Not again!

And he opens another portal

Howard: What are you doing? That was it, or if it wasn’t it was good enough. Go back!

The guests are now in Toontown, where Bonkers on a police bike rushes past

Howard : I don’t know what the quack that thing was and I don’t want to know. Let’s go

Strange :I don’t know how much more I can take of this

Strange opens one last portal and collapses. It looks like the guests are in Duckberg, and are headed for the money bin.

Howard: Watch out!!

Strange however is unresponsive, and the guests hit the money bin, bringing the ride to an end. The cars move to the unload platform to be met by its owner

Scrooge McApe Well, what do you all think you’re doing sitting around? That damage won’t pay for itself. Up and to work with the lot of ya.

Howard: Great. Well at least I have a job now...


The speech abruptly cuts off there but the following was also found nearby

George, how many times do I need to tell you, no means no

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