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Edited: May 20, 2020, 3:43 PM

As some of you might know, I write a syndicated "Theme Park Insider" newspaper column each week in addition to maintaining the website. You can find the column online and in print in the Orange County Register as well as other newspapers run by the Register's parent company, Digital First Media.

Since Covid-19 began shutting down America's theme parks, I've been writing in the paper about this pandemic and the effect that it has had - and promises to have - on the theme park industry, which includes countless designers here in the Southern California metro area. I thought that Theme Park Insider readers might like to see -and comment on - what I am writing in the paper, so I've putting up a list of my recent columns here.

Since the Register's website is behind a paywall, I've also included links to each column, so that you can read them even if you don't subscribe to the Register. Still, I would encourage all Theme Park Insider readers to support their local paper by subscribing, especially now that advertising revenue is tanking across the industry with so many retail businesses closed.

(But if you'd like to cut out the middleman and support your writer directly, here's my donation link. Thanks!)

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May 21, 2020, 11:36 AM

Thanks for the access.

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