READ FIRST: Using Theme Park Insider's Discussion Forum

Edited: February 7, 2023, 11:50 AM

Thank you for visiting Theme Park Insider's new discussion forum. This is the place to ask questions about future trips or past attractions, post trip reports, and chat about theme parks in general.

I also will be running contests from time to time here on the forum, including design competitions where you can submit your dream ideas for new theme parks and attractions.

Before you post to the forum, though, I would like to help save you some time by telling you a few things about it.

** Plain Text Only **

This forum accepts only text posts - no photos, videos, or active hyperlinks. Posts with any HTML code will be rejected. If you have a great trip report with lots of photos or video that you would like to share, please email it to me via, and I will post it for you on the front page of the site.

** Be Kind to Others **

It's great to be funny in an online discussion, but please don't go for a joke at the expense of being kind and helpful to everyone else in the forum. Please always try to be the person you want other people to be!

** Post One Thread Per Day **

We want to hear from all of you. In an effort to keep a few voices from dominating the forum, we initially are limiting site members to posting one new thread each day. Admins and long-time front-page writers may continue to post more than one new thread per day if they feel the need to get breaking news up here, but I am asking them otherwise to respect this rule.

** Please Encourage Others to Join **

The forum is more fun and informative when more people use it. So please encourage your friends on social media to join us here. I want Theme Park Insider to be a friendly, helpful and welcoming place for all.

Thank you,

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