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April 21, 2023, 9:24 AM

I see a lot of ads and videos for the New Train service. I also looked at their web site for info.

Looks like a nice Option if you are in Orlando and want to go to Miami or Boca Raton.

I thought a while back there was going to be a train service to Disney from the MCO airport which is what I originally thought this was going to be.

It looks like the Train Station will be close to the airport, but I can’t tell if there will be some kind or Tram or walkway or Bus to take you to it.

And I am wondering if anyone who is planning a trip to Orlando will use this new service. The new Train will open Summer of 2023.

I hope TH Creative jumps into this Thread since he is right there and knows a bunch or infrastructure stuff.

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April 21, 2023, 1:04 PM

Eventually, there will be an extension of the Brightline railway that will go from the airport to a station serving the Orange County Convention Center and Universal's Epic Universe. That line will, someday, extend to Tampa, as well.


There won't be a stop at Walt Disney World, since Disney did not want to provide space for a station if there were any stops between it and the Orlando airport. In addition to the Epic Universe stop, there is a transfer stop planned for the Orlando Sunrail line that runs to downtown. Again, no opening dates for anything beyond the Orlando airport stop, which is supposed to be connecting to South Florida this summer, I believe?

April 21, 2023, 4:26 PM

The Orlando Airport stop is scheduled to open this year, as Robert noted ( That will take you from MCO to Miami for somewhere between $100-200 in about three hours.

We'll probably be waiting awhile for any intra-Orlando expansion, though I imagine they'd like to get something up and running by the time Epic Universe opens. That seems unlikely unless they've put shovels in the ground and I've missed it. So, for now this is nice for Florida residents who don't want to drive to Orlando (or Miami) but not all that useful for tourists. Unless you're going to both Miami and Orlando on vacation, I suppose.

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