Terminal C is awesome and people need to stop whining

November 7, 2023, 11:25 PM

Yesterday I decided to try to out the "MCO experience" with my toddler in tow, where you are allowed into Terminal C without having a flight, to go around and explore. I have been to most all the major airports in the world, all throughout the USA/Europe/Asia/Australia, and all I can say is finally. Finally we have at least one terminal that stands up to what a real major international airport should be. I walked every single inch of the terminal and the transport station with my one year old in tow and did not find the walks to be unbearably long. I 100% disagree with people that are saying they went with form over function. MCO moves 1,000,000 people per WEEK. You have to decide between walking a bit more to have space and comfort, or the alternative of having cramped dingy overcrowded hallways filled with body heat like terminals A and B.

Everything about C is far superior to A and B. People who are saying it's bad for people with kids because of the walk are full of ****. My toddler, plus tons of other kids, loved all the open space to run around and play with the big screens. The children seemed in genuine awe of the screens. The food options are 1000% better. The natural light was exceptionally done and did not make the building hot at all. They have those little electric peoplemover things for elderly and disabled people and they had lots of them running. Moving walkways are not necessary as the elderly and disabled can use these carts and its not too much walking for the average person.

Of course its not 100% perfect. The TSA is absolutely atrocious (since the Israel/Hamas situation they have been extremely thorough and it's been the slowest I can remember since 9-11) but that isn't really the airports fault as that is ran by the federal government. It's a bit precarious getting from the terminal to the Brightline station as you have to go outside and through part of the parking garage which would be annoying during the summer. But other than some minor annoyances like that overall GOAA hit it out of the park with Terminal C and it makes me sad they spent all that money renovating A and B over the years (which didn't seem to accomplish anything other than change the signs) because I wish they would just bulldoze them and build two Terminal C's in their place.

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November 7, 2023, 11:38 PM

“I wish they would just bulldoze them and build two Terminal C's in their place.”

I haven’t even been in Terminal C yet, and I still second this proposal, based on my decades of experience with MCO’s Terminals A and B.

November 8, 2023, 9:41 AM

Yeah, Terminals A and B would have to improve dramatically just to suck.

November 8, 2023, 4:52 PM

I keep telling Orlando Intranational Airport account on Twitter to move Southwest airlines to Terminal 'C' - hahahahaah

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