Disneyland Restaurants and reservations questions

April 18, 2024, 10:29 PM

A few questions for Disneyland experts...

We're inside of 60 days to our trip and trying to book dining reservations.

- Does anyone know when reservations for the new Mexican restaurant(s) -- scheduled to open May 4 -- will come online ?

- We've never eaten at Trader Sam's and love the idea of it being like an attraction or the Adventurer's Club inside. I got up at 6AM a few days ago and found a reservation for 9:25PM before they were all gone. This seemed great until we found out (later) that after 8PM all parties with any people under 21 must be seated outside. While I'm sure that would be fine, it mostly defeats the purpose of us going to Trader Sam's in the first place.

We are planning to go on a Wednesday in mid-June.

Any tips or tricks to finding an earlier time when reservations appear to all be gone ? If not, and we decide to do standby that day, how long are the waits typically ? And how likely is it that we can still get an inside table if we do standby ?

- I tried getting reservations to "The Great Maple" and was surprised to see none available for our dates through the Disneyland system. I then stumbled upon their restaurant website, saw that it had a reservations link, and found tons of available times and made a reservation that way.

Has anybody noticed issues like this where the Disney system shows nothing ?? And I assume the reservation not through Disney will be fine, but has anyone had any issues with non-Disney reservations ??

All info appreciated and thanks!!

PS Thanks SO MUCH to Robert or anyone working on the site for any recent fixes or resets on the login codes!! I have had all sorts of problems with them over the past few months and no easy way to contact anyone to alert them to the problems -- but now they seem to be arriving quickly again!!

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Edited: April 18, 2024, 10:44 PM

My top tip for Disneyland restaurants: If you cannot get a reservation in advance, use the walk-up list via the Disneyland app. Last week, Cafe Orleans showed no reservations for the day, but a 50-minute wait on the walk-up list. We joined, and got a text to come to the restaurant within one minute. No wait at all. I've had similar success with walk-up lists in the recent past, as well.

As for the new Downtown Disney restaurants, those are part of Patina Group. Check https://www.patinagroup.com/restaurants for reservations. They're not listed yet, though.

For reference for anyone else following this thread, Great Maple reservations are found via https://thegreatmaple.com/reservations/

April 19, 2024, 4:22 PM

Yay! Finally was able to log back in so thank you Mike for mentioning it cause I had given up haha :)

I unfortunately don't have much experience with Disney restaurants so I'll let someone else reply on that one!

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