Wine in Italy

April 28, 2024, 7:45 PM

I’m wondering how I can pitch a wine company to WDW to put in EPCOT in the Italy Pavilion? It is wine that is made in the Abruzo region in Italy and is imported here to the US. It is sold in Florida now and a few other states as well as the official wine of Citizens Bank Park, the home of the Philadelphia Phillies. In addition it is also the exclusive wine at First Energy Stadium where the Reading Phillies play in Reading Pa. You will
Not be disappointed with this wine. It’s amazing! I was just there in Epcot a few weeks ago and got a glass of Rose at the cart outside of Italy and it was undrinkable and it made me think that this would be a great opportunity to introduce this wine to Disney.

The company is called Briganti Wine. Right now there is, Montepilciano, Rose, Pinot Grigio, Pecorino, sparkling white and sparkling rose.

If anyone knows how I can make this happen please contact me

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April 29, 2024, 10:02 AM

I believe the food service in the Italian Pavilion at EPCOT is operated by a third party vendor. You would have to pitch it to one of those companies, who would likely have to run it by Disney -- to ensure the product does not have any conflicts with any of the company's other business agreements.

April 29, 2024, 11:41 AM

Taking this opportunity to point out that the third party vendor is Patina Restaurant Group -

Now everyone may impress their friends with this trivia knowledge!

May 3, 2024, 6:49 AM

If it's Montepulciano you're referencing then I wholeheartedly agree. Perhaps not on hot sunny day but for when the sun goes down. Go for it and good luck.

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