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February 19, 2015, 7:15 PM

What is your suggestion if I like to attend the Fright Fest at Magic Mountain on a day where they are open until 1 am - no public transportation available... (I guess Six Flags Season Passes are valid for ALL Fright Feasts in the States at any Six Flags Park or?)

Transportation and Accommodation is the biggest hustle for me on vocation as I travel always months without a driver license and look for the cheapest way because al money that I could save at life time get's towards water projects in Africa after my death.

Their are 8 possibilities: WHICH IS THE SHEAPEST?

1 Connect ALL Six Flags Parks by bike and camp wild (made such trips before). I'm not sure that is possible inside 3 months including Tomorrowworld / Atlanta and Busch Gardens / Williamsburg.

2 Connect ALL Six Flags Parks by Plane (Train/Bus between Airport and Park) and find Hotels/Hostels/Couch surfing every night under 50 USD (do not know that is possible)

3 Connect ALL Six Flags Parks by BUS (Greyhound/Trailways/Local) (do not know that is possible and do not know their are cheap Month passes that make it cheaper as single Tickets)

4 Connect ALL Six Flags Parks by AMTRAK (Greyhound/Trailways/Local Bus between Stations and Parks) (do not know that is possible and do not know their are cheap Month passes that make it cheaper as single Tickets)

5 A Combination of Bike and Train (positive: I can Camp Wild and save on Accommodation)

6 A Combination of Bike and Bus (think that may not work as I remember from 1998 that it was not possible to get a Bike on a Greyhound Bus - the Bike needed to travel on a Train in a Box, that Me on Bus/Bike on Train - Combo was cheaper as if I AND the bike traveled the Train...)

7 I on Bus/Bike on Train

8 A Combo of Plane and Bike (not sure that is cheaper as Airlines make the big money on Sport Equipment...)

Or is their any Organized Trip in the US that do not Ban Holger Halfmann inside September, October or November going to different parks?

Additional to go to all Six Flags Parks it may - if time and operating days allow - be also interesting to include in that journey some or all of the following parks:

Knoebels Pensylvania
Carowinds at North Carolina and South Carolina border
Silver Dollar City
Holiday World
Lake Compounce
Mt. Olympus
Seaside Heights NJ
Miracle Strip Florida

PS If I decide Motel Accommodation I offer 1 man/girl the 2 nd space in my room. Mail to

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February 21, 2015, 4:49 PM

I think there is no public transportation available for six flags st. Louis

February 22, 2015, 10:09 PM

There is no public transportation foer SFGA

February 22, 2015, 11:33 PM

For your original question regarding SFMM, you'd probably want to get a taxi if you don't have a car. For the rest of your post...

Unfortunately, a lot of US parks are difficult, if not impossible, to reach by public transit. Your best option for this trip would be to find someone who can rent a car or to use a rideshare service. Alternatively, you could see if there are any local enthusiasts willing to give you a lift to the parks. For traveling around the country, flying is the most economical way as other methods are either expensive or inefficient. Biking around the country in the timeframe you suggest is probably not going to work. Lastly, you'd need to do this trip between late May and early September as most US parks are only open weekends outside of that period and are closed for the winter from November until at least March. If you need to visit in the September/October timeframe, you'd need to fly between cities and do your park visiting on weekends.

No matter what you do, this trip won't be cheap. Assuming you were able to visit during the summer and had the budget for it, I'd do something similar to the following using a car and flights (this is reversible):

Arrive into US in Los Angeles or San Francisco
Leg 1: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Six Flags Magic Mountain
Flight 1: Los Angeles or San Francisco (same as arrival airport) to Salt Lake City
Leg 2: Lagoon
Flight 2: Salt Lake City to Dallas or San Antonio
Leg 3: Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Six Flags Over Texas
Flight 3: Dallas or San Antonio (same as previous airport) to Chicago
Leg 4: Holiday World, Mt. Olympus, Silver Dollar City, Six Flags Great America and Six Flags St. Louis
Flight 4: Chicago to Pittsburg
Leg 5: Kennywood
Flight 5: Pittsburg to New York City area
Leg 6: Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Hersheypark, Knoebels, Lake Compounce, Seaside Heights, Six Flags America, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags New England
Flight 6: New York City area to Atlanta
Leg 7: Carowinds, Dollywood, Six Flags Over Georgia
Depart US from Atlanta

Alternatively, you could road trip either from California or (more likely) from Texas through the remaining destinations, but the rental car cost would be extremely expensive. You'll have to price different options to determine what best fits your needs and budget, but count on the trip taking at least a month and costing $10,000+ no matter how you do it.

February 23, 2015, 3:00 PM

In Southern California, I would recommend renting a car or using Uber over trying to hire very expensive and often scarce taxis.

February 28, 2015, 9:41 PM

No Public Transport SFGA?

I found for Great Adventure:

Bus from Freehold Center und Jackson Premium Outlet: 2,90/2,35 USD

I found for Great America:

from Waukegan Station (Stop 1): (get off at Stop 5)

February 28, 2015, 10:42 PM

@ AJ Hummel

Taxis are CRAZY Expansive in the States. Just 2 miles 20 USD !

For time Reasons I will do ONLY the Six Flags Parks this Fall and maybe Busch Gardens Williamsburg and a Evening at Disney Hollywood Studios as I have a Comp Acess.

This Summer I go to 10 Festivals. That is - beside the Visa Waiver Programm that does not allow me more as 90 days of Travelling the US - the Reason for my September to November Planing. And Helloween...

I done all Cedar Fair Parks and other Theme Parks in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, New Jersey, New York (State) inside of less then 4 months in 2007 only using my muscle powered bike. On that Journey the Airline transported my Bike free to US and wanted charge me to get it out again. Port Authority in Newark told me then that I need to pay or need to leave the Airport. I sad if I leave the Airport it would be a Overstay. He sad he doesn't care - in that way I got an extra 3 weeks of Vocation....

1996 and 1998 I travelled the Mid West and California also by bike for 5-6 months conecting all the Parks their. Time to come back now...

On your time planing Flight 4 would be better St.Lois to Pittsburg...

Unfortunately I booked my flight to US to Atlanta and back from Orlando as I first just planed to go to Tomorrowland and Themeparks in surrounding States. I just got later the Idea to buy a Six Flags Season Pass.

To that I actually also have a question: Between which dates each year Season Passes are on sale that will be valid for the rest of the year you buy them AND for the next Season?

Because of my Inbound and Outbound Flights I think the following Order visiting most of the Six Flags Parks - by plane and take bike on plane maybe to get to Parks that are not accessible by public transport before they open and after they close, may be best: (those in brackets I know and may need to skip)

Six Flags Over Georgia, Atlanta
Carowinds at North Carolina and South Carolina border Charlotte
(Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari, New Jersey)
(The Great Escape, Lake George, NY)
Six Flags New England, Springfield, MA
La Ronde, Montreal
Six Flags Great America, Chicago
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Vallejo
Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angeles
Six Flags Mexico, Mexico City
Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio
Six Flags Over Texas, Arlington, between Dallas and Ft. Worth
Six Flags St. Louis

I calculated 7-8 Tausend € for the Trip (excluding Europe-Us-Flights)

PS I do not have a Driver Licence

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