Universal Orlando announces Freddy vs. Jason for HHN 25

June 10, 2015, 10:13 AM

Universal Orlando resort today announced the first house for its 25th anniversary Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida this fall. It's Freddy vs. Jason.

From the park's announcement:

The winding path will take the guests/victims through recognizable locations from each character’s world. Freddy and Jason will each get their due, but we must remind you…. this is Freddy versus Jason.

Will Jason and Freddy attack the guests? Absolutely. But they’ll also be stabbing, slashing and ripping each other apart. From Camp Crystal Lake to 1428 Elm Street, there will be many surprises capturing famous film moments.

This house holds something for everyone. The casual fan will be immersed in the environments and the scares. The uber fan will have the opportunity to scout out the multitude of Easter eggs hidden through out the house.

HHN 25 runs select nights from Sept. 18 through Nov. 1.

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