Beer Fest returns to CityWalk this weekend

November 5, 2006, 9:52 PM · Okay, now that we're wrapping up the past weekend, here's something for some folks to look forward next.

Universal Orlando will welcome the 8th annual Orlando Beer Fest to CityWalk this weekend, Nov. 11-12. From 2 pm to 7 on Saturday, and 1 to 7 on Sunday, ticket-holders can sample 120 beers from brewers from Florida to Colorado and beyond. (Disney does wine, Universal does beer. I'm sure appropriately sarcastic comments will follow....)

Tickets for Saturday cost $30.95 in advance and $37.95 on the day of the event. Tickets for Sunday are $22.95 in advance and $29.95 day of. A VIP upgrade option doubles the size of the beer samples, from 2 oz. to four, and adds a complimentary all-you-can-eat buffets in VIP areas. That option will set you back $25 on top of the Beer Fest ticket price.

For information, or to buy tickets, visit

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November 5, 2006 at 10:23 PM · Yeah, well it makes sense since Universal is just a trashy version of Disney.....


Beer could be classy! I mean look at Busch Gardens and Seaworld!

I am going to turn 21 a week from today! It probably would be cool to do to, but alas, I am stuck in the cornfields of Illinois.....

Still sounds cool, but I wonder if they had to settle on beer because Disney is doing wine.

November 6, 2006 at 4:02 AM · Settle on beer? I'm really not surprised about that comment. This is the 8th annual Beer Festival, how long has EPCOT been doing food and wine? I think Universal wins that one.
But, this is really a good event because when most people think beer they thing Budweiser or Miller....there are hundreds of different types of beer and lots of good alternatives. I'll be there this Saturday, and IOACentral Radio will be recording from the event. This week we also talk to Jim Cook brewer and founder of Sam Adams, and we address just that comment that Anthony made....why beer at theme parks, its just not classy...right.
November 6, 2006 at 5:09 AM · Ha Ha!

I knew that would cause your blood to boil!! Mission acomplished!

Of course you know I am kidding since EPCOT is overflowing with beer. I honestly think thats one reason that makes World Showcase so popular- the beer! The beer fest has been going on longer than the Food and Wine Festival? If thats true I did not know that. I thought the Wine Festival has been there forever!

Anyway, Erik, its a joke, laugh! You know I was going to be a smart alec and say something semi anti-Universal since Robert set it up so well! No, EPCOT is not any better than Univesal in the beer department though I hope Univesal sells some Imports!

November 6, 2006 at 4:55 PM · I know all about fun, I'm a Universal fan...remember? And after some research, this is EPCOTS 11th year for the Food and Wine. I was wrong.
But these events, whether it be at EPCOT or Universal...despite the disney fans popular belief, are not about getting faced, drunk or even tipsy. They are both about tasting different types of things from all over that you wouldnt normally. The Beerfest is especially refreshing because around here its Busch country. You dont really get a whole lot of different types of beer, nor do you get to sample a lot of the micro brew stuff. Did I mention that I'm talking to Jim Koch(cook) founder and brewer of Sam Adams beer on IOACentral Radio this week?
November 6, 2006 at 6:18 PM · Yeah, I read that! Thats pretty exciting!

No, I am not one of those college students that believes that these events are to get plastered. I fully realize that it is to enjoy different alcholic beverages. I think thats what makes EPCOT so appealing. My dad always enjoyes the English Pub at EPCOT and listening to the Beatles impersonators or Off Kilter! Good times! Regardless, I wish I could go to Beerfest, but I live too far away, too busy, and not of age yet!

Actually this might work to Universal's advantage because lets face it, beer tends to be more popular in the general public. Disney runs the risk of having wine and people equating that with snobbyness. Disney should have a Beerfest as well. They definatly have the good to do it!

Wine just seems more snobbish to me so I guess chalk one up for Universal!

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