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Bravo, Six Flags

September 2, 2008, 6:27 PM · I know that many Theme Park Insider readers share a frustration with people who jump lines in the theme parks, as well as with the killjoys who insult anyone who doesn't immediately get-the-heck-outta-the-way when Mr. Attitude wants to go someplace.

Haven't you wished, just once, that these jerks would get what's coming to them?

Well, Six Flags Great America has granted your wish. For today, at least. From the Chicago Tribune:

A Winnetka man was charged with disorderly conduct after he allegedly grabbed and pushed a 14-year-old who clapped when the man was ejected from a ride at Six Flags Great America last week, police said.

Making this incident all the more special... this wasn't some clueless teenage kid the park tossed and prosecuted. It was a 53-year-old man from the lily-white, rich-folk Chicago suburb of Winnetka. (Well, at least it was when I lived in Evanston. And the racial slur he allegedly used against a ride operator sure didn't help win him any benefit of the doubt from the park, I suspect.)

The Trib story quote the suspect as saying that he was "having a bad day."

Well, thanks to the news of Six Flags' prosecution of this fella, my day just got a whole lot better.

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September 2, 2008 at 8:11 PM · Dude, caps lock.
September 2, 2008 at 9:07 PM · Not really enough info here to figure out exactly what happened. Was the offender trying to line jump or was he just being an ass?

Here, I thought we were commending Six Flags for going 48 hours without some nimrod getting hit by a coaster.

September 2, 2008 at 9:36 PM · Hey! Evanston is not the ghetto Robert! Evanston has its share of rich white guys too! :) Saying that, I actually live in Chicago so those suburbs are all crazy A&F wearing, lacrosse playing North Shoreites

Why it is my home park does not suprise me. I was at Fright Fest Last year and they threw out a family for smoking in line. There is Zero tolerance at SFGA and they take it seriously. It actually suprises me that is was a guy from the Northshore which I assume is pretty well educated since the Gurnee park brings in real "winners" from the area. Lets put it this way, I have no idea where these people are from, but they make the average tourist look like Einstein. It baffles me whenever I go to SFGA.

Still thats pretty extreme with the name calling, but then again SFGA for being a pretty good park is full of dumb people

September 3, 2008 at 7:29 AM · I used to work at SFGA back in the '80s and that was one of the things I always appreciated about the park - we were expected to contact security if anyone got out of line and they would kick them out. We were pretty conciensious about not abusing that priveledge in those days and limited our calls for line jumpers, safety violations, and so forth, but if we told someone to do something or not to do something and they didn't comply, we called security in and to my memory they NEVER failed to back us up! Nice to know it's still the same way.

PS: Didn't know you were from Evanston! I have relatives there. I miss Chicago (although not the cost of living there)!

September 3, 2008 at 10:24 AM · I went to Northwestern for undergrad, which is why I lived in Evanston for a while. (And, no, I didn't mean to imply that Evanston wasn't cast from the John Hughes mold like so many of the rest of the North Shore 'burbs. Although Northwestern did let a few of us poor folk in.)
September 5, 2008 at 3:25 PM · It's kind of weird to hear that this act of justice happened at a Six Flags park. Kudos to them! It's about time line jumpers were prosecuted.
September 8, 2008 at 1:02 AM · Robert, I really resent the fact that you use the term "lily-white, rich-folk" in your article. I'm actually offended and want to point out that its entirely irrelevant to the report.

Line cutters are line cutters and they come in all different types. Some are teens, some are adults, some are white, some are black, some are successful, and some are not. Stick to the facts. It's a line jumper, and the story wouldn't be any different had he come from a project in Chicago.

As an individual who has worked very hard to be successful I can assure you that not all, as you implied, "rich" folks cut in front of others in line.

I like many other successful Americans know how to wait in line and I know how to be respectful of others. I have a strong sense of right versus wrong and if anything I am often the one willing to call attention to those who do not want to follow the rules.

If I were poor I would be just as offended at your comments since you're also inferring that line jumping is to be expected from those who come from lesser means.

Finally, the manner in which you use the word "rich" is also offensive since you seem to imply that there is something wrong with being successful and reaping the rewards of hard work - wealth. So I must ask. Since when has it become a crime in the United States to achieve the American dream? - Eric Gieszl

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