Weekend open thread: More theme park Halloween events

October 2, 2009, 4:28 PM · As I mentioned earlier, Universal Studios Hollywood opens its version of Halloween Horror Nights tonight (Friday). I'm about to board a plane from San Francisco back to Los Angeles, so I won't be able to make tonight's event.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood
A scareactor from the 2007 HHN event

Please use the comments for this open thread to post your weekend trip reports from Halloween Horror Nights, both in Hollywood and Orlando, as well as from other theme park events around the country. (I believe that several Six Flags' Fright Fests are getting under way, as well.)

Post any other breaking news from the theme park world, too. Thanks again for reading Theme Park Insider and have a great weekend!

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October 2, 2009 at 5:26 PM · Went To Busch Gardens VA's Halloscream last weekend.Sept 25 to the 27th. Went to 2 of the shows and 2 of the Mazes. The Mazes I went to were the Catacombs and the Caverns.The Mazes were a bit dark and need some black light. They were good just personally a little too dark. Shows were very good. The around the park scare zones were pretty good a bit short.

Also took the Roller Coaster insiders Tour. AWESOME!!!! that's it in one word. You get to ride all 4 coasters. (2 times within the seat you want too) Also you ride up to the top of Griffon on the lift and look around the park. Yes you stand at the top and get too look around for a few mins. The other cool part is a photographer follows you around and takes pictures of the tour. Later in the day you get to pick up your CD with the pictures. He was very good as every time I thought I want to take a picture here he was doing it. Our disk has 223 pictures on it. The guide was very knowledgeable and very entertaining. Also at the end of the tour you get a quickque pass to ride one time on all the coasters in any seat you want too. So worth the money for any coaster freak!!!!

October 3, 2009 at 8:20 AM · I will be going to Fright Fest at SFGA on Sunday. Trip report with photos to follow!
October 3, 2009 at 10:11 AM · This past week me and my girlfriend went to Knott's Halloween Haunt. This was my 9th year in a row going and I would say that I am a huge fan of it. This year is their best yet! First off... we live in LA and we always take advantage of the hotel package they offer. We always go within the first week of the haunt, the park is empty and no lines for any mazes or their rides. Plus that first week (especially week days) they offer a cheap deal for about 150 bucks you get two tickets and one night in their hotel. The decorate the hotel bar which is great and they feature Halloween themed drinks. The Buffet in the hotel and the one in the park are also spooky and darker then normal for the Halloween effect. This year the park has new mazes which were great... Terror of London, Labyrinth and Dia De Los Muertos were our favs. Doll Factory and Corn Stalkers are good also.

The Ghost Town Scare Zone was amazing this year as well as the Gauntlet. I am a huge fan of the Haunt this year and I usually only need to go once a season here but this time I really want to go back.

Tonight I am heading to Universal's tonight..... wish me luck...

October 3, 2009 at 10:44 AM · well, the fright dome opened up yesterday, and im going soon!!! i will report wat i see there, especially since they have 2 saw themed haunted houses this year.
October 3, 2009 at 11:17 AM · We went to Howl-o-scream At BGW last week end. It is all new and they have done a very good job. The show at Ireland, Monster Stomp, is excellent. The show at Germany, Das Festhaus, was the only disappointment. As usual ridding the Griffon in the dark is fun.
October 4, 2009 at 2:55 PM · i attended halloween horror night orlando this past thursday and i will say that the houses were as good as last years, but the thing that seemed to be lacking this year was the scarezones. Last year they did such a terific job on the scarezones last year i felt kinda to safe in the scarezones. bill and ted was ok, but im kinda getting over the dance numbers. The humor was fun, but the dance numbers are kinda stale. I'd say the highlight would probley in my opinion would be the dracula house,(other than the fact you see dracula maybe one time). The atmosphere though was terific, along with the other wharehouse hounts..(frankinstien, dracula, and wolfman). The other house that other people didnt seem to care for in the early reviews which is saw, Me and my fiance both agreed it was put together well and had a decent amount of scares. Overall it was a great night and had a great time. We "saw" everything. (Express pass, express pass express pass gotta love it..lol!) Scarezones of interest are lights camera hacktion and contanment, but u gotta got to containment later in the night when its dark and the smoke machines are on full blast....Hope to find this helpfull.......
October 5, 2009 at 5:03 PM · I'll be at HHN at Universal Studios Hollywood this Saturday so I'll provide a report after that!

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