Walt Disney World unveils new ride at Epcot

October 14, 2009, 11:49 AM · The 'Sum of All Thrills' uses similar robot-arm technology that Universal Orlando is using for its new Harry Potter ride. Guests design their own thrill ride using math and science principles, and then ride the robot arm.

The ride is located in Innoventions. The attraction was underwritten by Raytheon. Another good use of military technology.

Details are released in the Orlando Sentinel story.

Update from Robert: Kuka arms might be new in Orlando, but west coast theme park fans have had access to Knight's Tournament at Legoland California.

Knights' Tournament

Like the Sum of All Thrills ride, Legoland's Kuka arm is interactive, and allows riders to select intensity levels from 1-5. Here's more that I wrote about the ride in blog comment late last year:

Two cycles before Laurie and Natalie rode [on level 2, above], an older teen girl rode on the arm right next to the bridge, where I was standing. She did level 5. At first, she yelled with excitement, but by the middle of the ride you could here fear creeping into her shouts. And toward the end, she was muttering pleas for mercy ("please, please make it stop.")

Level 4 is not for the timid. Level 5 is tough on the strong.

By the way, when the young lady got off the ride, she paused over her shoes for a good while (you have to take them off on the robocoaster), then regained her composure (and balance). By the time she got back to her friends, she was all trash talk. ("Oh, yeah. That was great. No problem.")

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October 14, 2009 at 2:05 PM · Cool!

I will be there a week from today!

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