Thinkwell Group designing Monkey King theme park in China for 2014

May 31, 2011, 8:47 AM · Burbank-based theme park design firm Thinkwell Group is working on a new theme park in China, which is set for debut in 2014.

Announcing the Monkey King theme park

We've spoken with the crew at Thinkwell before. (They're the people behind the Universal 360 – A Cinesphere Spectacular at Universal Studios Florida, and the Special Effects Stage at Universal Studios Hollywood, among others. They are also developing the Harry Potter studio tour in England.) For the Chinese park, they're working off the Monkey King, a Chinese legend that will provide the theme for the park.

Concept art for Monkey King theme park

Here's the press release:

Monkey King Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of the real estate, financial and cultural industry investment enterprise Zhonghong Real Estate has appointed Thinkwell Group as the design firm for the highly immersive Monkey Kingdom theme park slated to open in 2014. The USA-based design firm has been collaborating with Zhonghong on the strategy, concept, master plan and attraction development for the park since mid-2010.

With a total investment of US$1.53 billion and the Monkey Kingdom theme park at its core, the project will include conference centers, hotels, exhibition halls, retail, residential and culturally significant entertainment, making this property the ultimate convergence of business, culture, relaxation and tourism opportunities. The overall project covers a total area of about 4500 mu with ample land for additional mixed-use development. The site is located about 55 km from downtown Beijing at the west area of Honglou Lake tourist area in Honglouzhen village of Huairou District.

"By integrating our traditional culture with modern theme park technology, this project will provide Beijing with a Disney quality park that tells the stories important to China," says Chairman Wang of Zhonghong Group. "Thinkwell will provide the theme park expertise while our team insures the traditional culture of China is properly represented making this a perfect partnership."

More concept art for Monkey King theme park

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May 31, 2011 at 11:53 AM · How bizarre. Never heard of this Monkey King fella, but it sure sounds as though he could kick Mickey's butt.

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