Finding theme park deals, discounts and special events through Facebook and Twitter

June 1, 2011, 9:12 PM · If you're looking for last-minute deals and discounts on theme park tickets this summer, I've been recommending that you follow your favorite theme parks on Facebook and Twitter. Theme parks are trying to build their social media presence, and many of them are trying to encourage fans to follow and like them by using their Twitter and Facebook accounts to announce discounts and deals that sometimes aren't available anywhere else. (Just this week, Busch Gardens Williamsburg posted a 50%-off deal for its Twitter followers.) Parks are using social media to announce special events and insider opportunities, too.

TwitterTo help you connect with your favorite theme parks, here are the official Twitter accounts for the Top 20 United States theme parks (by annual attendance):

Here are a few other official Twitter accounts for selected parks recommended by many Theme Park Insider readers:

FacebookAnd here are the official Facebook pages for the Top 20 United States theme parks (by annual attendance):

And the Facebook pages for those other parks:

Finally, don't forget to follow our Twitter feed and like our Facebook page, too. There are a lot of breaking news and links that I post to Twitter and Facebook that don't make it on to the front page blog on the website, so if you're not following us on Facebook and Twitter, you're not getting complete Theme Park Insider coverage and conversation.

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