Canada's Wonderland to debut Leviathan - tallest & fastest B&M yet

August 18, 2011, 11:20 PM · Canada’s Wonderland has announced its new roller coaster for 2012 - a $28 million Bolliger & Mabillard giga coaster named Leviathan.

Leviathan’s first lift hill will climb to 306 feet (93.3M), followed by an 80-degree drop. The coaster will reach a top speed of 92 mph (148 kph) and run on 5,486 feet (1,672M) of track, including camelback hills of up to 180 feet (54.9M). The signature feature on the coaster might be its 115-degree overbanked hammerhead turn that will cross above the park’s front gate at 147 feet (44.8M) high.

Here's your POV rendering:

"Leviathan will be our 16th coaster and now positions Canada's Wonderland as one of the top three coaster destinations in the world," said Raffi Kaprelyan, Vice President and General Manager, Canada’s Wonderland in a statement. "We will go higher, longer, and faster than ever before when we launch Leviathan in 2012."

The opening is slated for May 2012. Canada's Wonderland is updating construction progress on its website at

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August 19, 2011 at 4:08 PM · As a Toronto native and long time CW season's pass holder, I find it hard, nay impossible to believe it's in the top three coaster destinations in the world except in total number of rides . Most of the coasters there are mediocre at best.

This one looks strikingly similar to the behemoth which was installed a few seasons ago. Yawn.

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