The Blog Flume Filter for September 5, 2013

September 5, 2013, 11:52 AM · Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom – It may still feel like summer, but the Halloween decorations are up already.

The castle show is already getting into the Halloween spirit by adding villains to the castle show.

Universal Studios Florida – The Hogwarts Express train engine is now on site. Ride the Rockit to get a good look at it. We are also trying to figure out exactly what Project 766 could be, as there have been a number of permits to start work on it. Could this be the renovation of Disaster into Kong? Maybe it is the renovation of Twister into a pile of steaming rubble.

Islands of Adventure – Despite the spirited debate about permits for a construction trailer in the talkbacks last week, we still cannot seem to rid ourselves of a rumor that makes it sound like a new attraction is going in near Jurassic Park. IOA also received a green light for a 3D Lorax ride to be placed behind One Fish Two Fish.

Disney's Hollywood Studios – It's almost as if this park has long term contracts with a bunch of dancers and can't think of what to do with them other than embarrassing dance rallies. The Character Dance Jam is scheduled to run until October 13.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg – The snit that we have been reporting between management and cast members of their live shows, has resulted in sudden firings and other cast members walking off of shows. Unfortunately, right now BGW is down to one live show. This is going to make hiring for next year's show difficult.

Cedar Point – We have reports that Shoot the Rapids is making test runs and should open soon.

Knotts Berry Farm – Xcelerator reopened over the holiday weekend. That was a quick turnaround if indeed the launch cable had snapped. Kudos to the maintenance team.

Six Flags Mexico – We finally have the animation for the new and improved Medusa coaster with the Rocky Mountain Construction Iron Horse rails.

For those of you who have a little bit of free time, here are 6+ hours of videos on your favorite subjects…enjoy…you probably weren't planning on doing anything this weekend anyway…

Walt: The Man Behind the Myth

Making of Walt Disney World Thrill Rides

Replies (3)

September 5, 2013 at 12:13 PM · Oh, I'm doing something this weekend..the Riding Of The Bull A.C.E. event at SF Great Adventure. First time...

Since Toro re-opened last Friday (I was there and had three glorious rides) this'll be a blast!

September 5, 2013 at 2:40 PM · Its great to hear all these new attraction rumors with Disney and Universal. In the endx the theme park junkies are the real winners here.
September 5, 2013 at 3:58 PM · We can make fun of silly things like the Character Dance Rally all we want, and it is quite silly, but ultimately, look at the video, look at how much fun everyone is having. That's the ultimate end goal of any theme park isn't? To give the guests a fun and memorable experience? A lot of those kids will remember for a long time the opportunity to dance with their favorite characters. Its all about playing to your audience, and Disney definitely knows how to do that. And as for the contract with the entertainment Cast Members, they did abruptly end the Pixar Play Parade, so they need to give the performers hours somehow.

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