We're looking for a freelance Orlando correspondent. Interested?

December 3, 2013, 3:34 PM · Since I live in the Los Angeles area, we've long relied on readers around the country and the world to help us cover theme parks beyond Southern California. I used to live in Orlando, and still have family there, so I travel to Central Florida every few months. Several of our "Team TPI" correspondents also file reports from the Orlando parks throughout the year. But that's no substitute for having a reader living in Orlando who can cover events at the theme parks for us on a more regular basis.

So we're looking for an Orlando resident to write for Theme Park Insider as a freelance correspondent.

If you're interested, as we said, you'll need to live in the Orlando area — preferably on the southwest side of town, nearest the theme parks. And you have to be a theme park fan, too — someone who'd be visiting the parks on a regular basis whether you were writing for a website or not. We all came here to avoid reading professional travel writers who don't like theme parks, after all. Since you're reading this site, though, I'll presume that being a theme park fan isn't a problem for you. ;^)

If you have a "9-to-5" weekday job with no scheduling flexibility, this probably wouldn't be the right fit for you, though. Many theme park press events happen on weekday mornings (usually on Thursdays or Fridays), and we need someone who will be available to cover them for us.

We're looking for someone who can connect with their fellow Theme Park Insider readers, as Amanda, Russell, Derek, Bryan, and the other writers on the front page have over the years. So I'd love to call on someone who's already part of the TPI community, participating through the comments or the discussion board. Or, if not that, someone who at least gets what clicks with people. In other words, we're looking for someone who can write something about theme parks that you would want to read.

The pay's not huge, but I will offer a small amount per article. And if things work out, and you're willing and able to write more frequently than covering just the occasional press event, I can help out with covering the cost of renewing your Disney and Universal Florida resident passes, as well.

Finally, and this is usually the killer for us, if you work for a theme park company, you need to be able to write for us without losing your day job. I don't want to get anyone fired, so I won't let Disney cast members write for us about Disney, or Universal team members write about Universal. Maybe they can write about the other company, but I'd prefer to avoid that potential mess by sticking with people who aren't currently working for a park. Past employment at a park is a big plus for us, though. (I'm a former Walt Disney World cast member, for example.)

If you'd like to step forward, please send me an email via themeparkinsider@gmail.com. Introduce yourself, then tell me why you'd like to become part of Theme Park Insider's front page team, and what you could do for your fellow readers by taking on that role. We've got a couple of press events coming up this month that I'd like to get covered, so I'm hoping to make a decision soon. Thank you for considering this, and thanks again for reading Theme Park Insider!

Update: We've selected a writer to cover those events for us, and heard from many others who might be appearing on the front page with other stories, in the next few months. Thank you to everyone who stepped forward, and thanks for reading Theme Park Insider.

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December 4, 2013 at 1:16 PM · I live an hour and a half from Orlando and I look at other park blogs too.
December 5, 2013 at 8:56 AM · Happy Birthday Walt.

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