An Insider's look at the merchandise from Weasley's Wizard Wheezes in Universal Orlando's Diagon Alley

January 25, 2014, 3:48 PM · During the Harry Potter Tribute on Day 1 of the Harry Potter Celebration at Universal Orlando, some of the cast was on hand to reveal new concept art that will be available to purchase in Weasley's Wizard Wheezes in Diagon Alley. Let's review how and in what episode/game each item is portrayed, and then reveal exactly what was said during the event about the actual merchandise. Now if you just can't wait for  the Summer of 2014 opening of Diagon Alley at Universal Orlando, I have some suggestions on how to get crafty and create some at-home versions to help ease the wait for the real thing.

Decoy Detonators

As a reminder, Decoy Detonators are black horn-like objects designed to create a diversion from the user. After being dropped, the decoy runs a fair distance away, makes a noise like a loud bang, and releases clouds of black smoke. The Decoy Detonator makes an appearance in the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. If you recall, this enables Harry to break into Delores Umbridge's office at the Ministry of Magic. It serves the same purpose as in the book, but in the film the device is made a little more exciting by multiplying itself and causing widespread confusion. However, one could that this was a magical effect added later on by Harry or Hermione, similar to Geminio. In LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7, both Fred and George Weasley have Decoy Detonators as controllable "pets." In the Magic Mischief game in The Road to Hogwarts Sweepstakes, Decoy Detonators can be used to distract an enemy to continue in the game.

Quote from the event: "When you need a diversion, just drop one of these and it will run off, create a loud bang, a terrible smell and some black smoke. That is definitely the Decoy Detonator."

Not much to go on here, but check out these ideas on how to make your own non-mobile version of a Decoy Detonator at home.

Umbridge on a Unicycle

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was where this item made its first appearance. If you recall Fred and George Weasley's shop, Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, features a toy version of Dolores Umbridge that rides around on a unicycle across a tightrope, balancing with buckets of liquid, saying phrases such as "I will have order," and "I really hate children." It is unknown if it was a decoration, or for sale. Now, we have an idea of what it might have been because of the quote from yesterday.

Quote from the event: "Next we have the Umbridge on a Unicycle, which is on a prominent display at the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes. This miniature Delores Umbridge on a Unicycle travels aimlessly about spouting useless information just like Delores herself."

The important words here are "prominent display." My guess is that this will not be something you can buy, but actually something to view or marvel at while inside the store.

Nose-Biting Teacup

As a refresher, the Nose-Biting Teacup looks just like any ordinary teacup. However it has actually been jinxed to bite the nose of anyone who tries to drink out of it. Ron Weasley and Harry Potter each bought one at Zonko's Joke Shop on a trip to Hogsmeade in 1994. Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes also carried its own version of this product, so one would expect this will be an actual item you'll soon be able to purchase at Universal Orlando.

Quote from the Event: "Tired of your friends stealing your tea? Serve them one of these and that will stop that real quick."

Skiving Snackboxes

As would be expected of Fred and George, one of the first things they invent for their joke shop is a way of escaping from classes. Skiving Snackboxes, which are under development throughout Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, gives them that escape. Typically, a Skiving Snackbox is a candy with two colored ends; eating from the one end will bring on some sickness, eating from the other end will cure it. In order to secure the fastest escape from class, illnesses caused by Skiving Snackboxes are designed to be dramatic. Skiving Snackboxes we expect to be found at Universal include versions of Puking Pastilles, Nosebleed Nougat, Fever Fudge, and Fainting Fancies.

Quote from the Event: "Can I start and say they won't make you sick...unless you quite eat a LOT and go on the Forbidden Journey or something. It's kind of...whenever we speak to anyone about the Weasleys' Wizarding Wheezes Joke Shop...they always say I wish I could have a snack box…. As you can see they are pretty authentic looking. Um, so I can't wait to...I am strangely intrigued to see what the Puking Pastilles taste like."

"Also these were...our favorite props from the whole movie. So when we learned earlier that these were going to be available we were really excited." 

Although I am sure these recipes are quite different from what you will actually be able to enjoy at Universal Orlando, I did find these interesting and I hope you will too. is not responsible for any results of making or eating these magical items at home!

Puking Pastilles:  In the movie, this makes the eater vomit within seconds of eating it. The orange ends are to make the eater vomit and the purple ones to stop them. You can find a make at home version here. Eat the orange half of these double-sided candies at home, and you'll experience a strange queasy feeling due to the unfortunate combination of anise (black licorice flavor), garlic, and sugar.  Once you have felt the impacts of this gut twisting flavor, it is said that you can calm your tummy with the delightfully minty purple half.

Nosebleed Nougat: Nosebleed Nougat, also known as Blood Blisterpod, was designed to make the eater's nose bleed heavily within seconds of eating it. Eating the orange sweet would cause the nosebleed, while the purple sweet would stop it. In this version, the red side delivers a blood-inspired flavor rather than a bloody nose.  It starts out tart and gets salty while delivering a hint of umami.  Opposite the red side is a nice vanilla banana flavor that's a pleasant counterpoint to the sensations created by the red.

Fever Fudge: Inspired by the inventions of the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter books, these two-sided confections are the perfect blend of hot and cool.  Eating the red half will cause the heat to rise in your head.  Cool the heat by biting into the blue half.  This version of Fever Fudge may not affect muggles as strongly as it does wizards. Get the recipe here.

Fainting Fancies were also mentioned, and you can find out how to create these at home by clicking here.

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January 25, 2014 at 6:28 PM · As you can see, this movie franchise offers almost endless possibilities for merchandise. Star Wars is another one that is perfect for this type of thing, although more action figure based. Avatar.... not so much.

Just saw the commercial on the (ahem) Disney Channel for Universal Diagon Alley "Coming Summer 2014".

January 25, 2014 at 10:59 PM · This all sounds awesome. Such a good franchise for merchandise and kudos to Universal for giving it the effort it deserves.

The bar has been set Disney! If you want to consider yourself the benchmark, you can no longer rest on your laurels.

January 25, 2014 at 11:52 PM · Oh, Kristy Joy! This column was wonderful. I have been wondering about this kind of information. I am so thrilled that Universal is raising the bar by creating all of these great, unique things from the Potter world. I hope they continue to do so.

I love Disney, but I have to say that Disney has been run by fools for so long. The Disney merchandise is just junk these days. They really miss out by having every store full of the same lousy, generic garbage. I remember being a kid and my parents took me to both Disneyland and WDW a few years apart and every store seemed to have only stuff that made sense in that land and everything was unique to either California or Florida. Now, everything is the same junk that you can get at the Disney Store or in Wal-Mart. It used to be that if you bought a souvenir in the parks it was something so unusual and unique that no one back home would have it unless they went to the park and got one. But now Disney just sells the same ugly tee shirts and cheap plastic junk online or in the parks or wherever. I have not bought any Disney products in probably three or four years, because we've seen everything they have for sale and think it's just too cheap looking.

I bet when we visit Diagon Alley that I'll end up spending quite a bit if the merchandise is this cool. I bet most of those purchases will be of the candies and the Weasley's products. These will make great presents for people back home. I actually think I might save up and do all our Christmas shopping at Universal on Harry Potter products. We're planning on being down there in October so the timing works out. There's nowhere around here that people can get any of this stuff, so if I bring it back from Diagon Alley everyone will love the unique presents.

I really hope Universal makes an absolute killing off this stuff. I hope it blows away all of Disney's merchandise sales. If you are a Disney fan you should all be rooting for Universal to have a monstrous hit with Diagon Alley, because if it's as big a hit as it seems like it is going to be then maybe Disney will wake up and see that the generic "One Disney" garbage products are not what the public wants.

January 26, 2014 at 2:13 PM · So I guess Harry Potter land will be the main thing I will be reading about on here from now until next year.

I guess Universal is doing a great job at promoting it with its here is a little more information every couple of weeks method, because I keep seeing it in the headlines as if the tiny information provided that is new was a breaking story.

Next week.... Harry Potter land's restrooms. They will have cold AND hot water.

January 26, 2014 at 2:35 PM · Thanks, you guys always leave such nice comments! I am excited about how Universal is being so creative with these things and I DO hope it causes Disney to try to be more competitive!

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