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May 14, 2014, 9:55 AM · Universal Studios Singapore – Construction quietly has started behind Far Far Away Land. Robert and I agree that if anywhere in that park was going to get axed for a Harry Potter Land, it would be Shrek and friends. Not that we have heard anything, but could they quietly be starting on getting the boy wizard into the park?

Busch Gardens Williamsburg – SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment just filed a trademark application for the word “Tempesto,” which I believe is an Italian word meaning “pesto sauce eaten so rapidly that it is only temporarily in your bowl.” This matches up pretty well with a rumored roller coaster that is in the works for the Festa Italia section of the park.

Las Vegas – Genting just passed their first round of approvals for a gaming license, with another round scheduled for two weeks from now. Why do we care? Because the company will take over the buildings abandoned by the Echelon project in 2008, on the former site of the Stardust casino. Again, why do we care? Because Genting is planning on building a 20th Century Fox theme park at one of their properties in Malaysia. As of current, they are “considering” adding a 20th Century Fox theme park to their proposed Asia-themed Las Vegas casino and hotel.

Mexico – I don’t know where all of this goodwill is coming from, but after last week when we found out that the US has given Mexico the joy of zombies and launched roller coasters, we found out this week that Canada has given Mexico its first permanent Cirque du Soleil show (or Circo del Sol as they will call it) in the Mayan Riviera. The show, called Joya, will be about a pharmacist whose granddaughter finds a magical gem in the jungle and suddenly needs to be taught about the joys of obnoxiously loud skin tight outfits and the joys of death defying stunts while voyeurs sit stoically below wondering why they don’t take off more of their clothes like at the other Circo del Sol shows.

Canada’s Wonderland – The park turned away a woman and her 15-month old son for trying to bring three snacks for the toddler into the park. The attendant at the gate stated that one snack would be enough and refused to let her in. A spokesperson for the park has since lit up all of the staff at the entrance and stated that food for babies and toddlers is allowed into the park. They then refunded her season pass while flogging the people running the front gate. Maybe the real reason was what she tried to bring in: a fruit pack, a baby yogurt, and a peanut butter sandwich. Perhaps if she had brought maple syrup, poutine, and a Nanaimo bar, there wouldn’t have been any questions asked. And at least they refunded the non-refundable season pass. Are you getting this Six Flags?

Diggerland USA (New Jersey) – This park will have its grand opening on June 14th. The park is 14 acres and has 23 attractions all designed around using heavy construction equipment. While there are Diggerlands in the UK, this is the first one in the States. I heard recently from a friend of mine that is already planning a trip here to go to the park and insisted that I mention it. Done and done. While its location in New Jersey makes sense ("Look, I just dug up Jimmy Hoffa!"), once this park takes off, they need to build one in the south, where construction equipment ranks up there with sweet tea, chicken dinners, and football.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – I could watch this video over and over again…all day. Cupcakes…brilliant…

Disney Research Labs – When Disney does cool stuff like this, I don’t grudge them for their latest admission increase.

Walt Disney World also's hiring, running an online job fair until May 31st, looking for 1,200 workers. Check for more information, and to apply.

Gaming – I know this is not on topic with the rest of the article or this website, but since it is for charity, I figured I would mention it since it involves you getting good stuff while giving to charity. If you have never heard of the website Humble Bundle, I would advise checking it out…now. Humble Bundle puts together packages of great top-tier games and software and then gives them away for whatever prices you want to pay. Typically, they have a monthly sale and a weekly sale, but for the next two weeks, they are doing daily sales of different bundles. All games are stored/delivered via Steam and can be downloaded now or whenever you get around to it, deleted, and downloaded again later. You can get the base games for $1, but for $5-$6 you can get twice as many games. Batman Arkham City, Brutal Legend, and Dead Island are just some of the titles that have been featured. In addition to games, they also do bundles that feature: books, comic books, android games & apps, audiobooks, and music. Check them out…for charity.

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May 14, 2014 at 11:52 AM · Las Vegas getting a theme park is a non-starter. That's not what most people like to do there. I would prefer if they would install the best water parks at the casino resorts. They turned too many pools into day clubs, which limits their use for the regular hotel guests.

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