Where to Eat? Star Wars Dinner at Hollywood and Vine in Disney's Hollywood Studios

May 23, 2014, 8:21 AM · Along with the breakfast at Sci-Fi Dine In Theater, we also booked the Hollywood and Vine Star Wars Dinner which had some must-see characters. Mickey and the gang are dressed as Star Wars characters. The characters here are Jedi Mickey Mouse, Princess Leia Minnie Mouse, Darth Goofy, and Storm Trooper Donald. Chip and Dale as Ewoks are in the lobby for a special photo taken by a Disney Photopass Photographer. Along with the characters, the food has also taken on a Star Wars theme.

Jedi Mickey MousePrincess Leia Minnie MouseDarth GoofyStorm Trooper Donald

This was our first time dining at Hollywood and Vine and we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food. There was a nice selection to choose from. Everything from Skywalker Ranch Chicken to Mos Eisley Barbecue Meatballs (both of which were fabulous) are available to choose. We knew though that the most impressive Star Wars food was the dessert options. These needed to be documented by photo.

Star Wars cookies

You can easily tell who these desserts are supposed to be represented. The cookies were all soft sugar cookies. The Yoda and Dark Vader mini cupcakes were both chocolate cake. Yoda had a mocha frosting and the Vader had a peanut butter frosting. This was the closest I came to the Vader and Yoda cupcakes in Hollywood Studios. (If you wait until the fireworks to try the special cupcakes, you will miss out like I did. They stop selling them around 8pm at Starring Rolls.) The red velvet Darth Maul cake was rich and delectable. My absolute favorite though was the green gelled Yoda swamp mini cheesecake. This had a fresh citrus flavor and was light on the palate.

Yoda cupcake Darth cupcake

While waiting outside for our reservation, umbrellas and ice water were placed outside for our needs. After the picture with Chip and Dale, we were led to our tables and given some lightsaber paper. You can choose either the red or blue side and roll it up for your very own lightsaber. We were asked to hold these up if we were on the Rebel's side or the Empire's side. Sam and Luke fought duel after duel after duel here and throughout the Hollywood Studios. These paper lightsabers hold up quite well. For those with children who want their lightsabers to stay rolled up, I suggest if you are dining here to bring along some tape or, as I had, some dental floss to tie around them. The characters were, as always, great with the kids. Jedi Mickey let it be known that he was watching Sam with his red lightsaber and was pleased with Luke and his blue lightsaber. Storm Trooper Donald also got in on the action by changing Luke's lightsaber to red.

Lightsabers at dinner

The prices for the meal are $32.99 per child and $55.99 per adult. This is along with the Sci-Fi breakfast with characters was without a doubt our favorite moments during Star Wars Weekends. We were able to spend more time looking around, riding rides, and getting in line for other characters since we were able to meet so many of them while eating. Another reason why these are so great for characters, is that on this trip I found that many lines we entered in for one character would be changed to a different character in a 15-20 minute time span. For instance, we were in line for Jango Fett. We were warned by a castmember about fifteen minutes into waiting that he would be leaving and that Boba Fett would be taking his place. These dining experiences are a way to make sure to get photos and autographs with these specific and extremely popular characters. May the Force be with you during these weekends! For those who get to meet Mark Hamill this coming weekend, I'm traveling the path to the dark side in my envy.

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