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June 18, 2014, 10:13 AM · While Robert is out gallivanting around with the company credit card, it looks like I am the only one around the office that feels inclined to get any work done today. Apparently there is some county fair or something that is opening a merchandise booth or churro stand. I think Robert just felt like getting out of the office for a little while since the weather is so nice. I hope he at least gets some pictures from some roadside attractions or something to share with the site.

Disneyland Paris – Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is now open after a long rehab. The loop is brand new as well as many more theming elements added to the queue. It still remains to be seen if the ride is still as rough as it has ever been.

Disney Studios Paris – We now have an official and unofficial teaser video for the Ratatouille attraction and some idea as to what the attraction is going to be about. [Note from Robert: Theme Park Insider will be at the media preview for Ratatouille this weekend, too!]

Schlitterbahn Kansas City – Verruckt has been delayed until June 29. Delay this bad boy until the sun consumes the earth for all I care…I ain’t gonna ride it either way… The new opening date is to coincide with a TV special showing off how great the ride is. Seems kind of anticlimactic if no one has actually been on it. Where is Bert the Conqueror when you need him?

Universal Studios Japan – The park’s Harry Potter Land is set to open on July 15. They are already scouting new areas that they could expand their not even open yet Harry Potter Land. So, if things go well, Japan will have the first Hogsmead as well as Diagon Alley outside of the States.

Shanghai Disneyland – Disney announced that the Broadway musical Lion King show will be given a home in the retail area of the new resort. In addition to its new digs, it will be the first production of the Lion King in performed in Mandarin.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg – There is some heavy earth moving equipment moving around behind the old Drachen Fire station. Maybe this is the churro stand Robert has been looking in Florida for.

Carowinds?/Cedar Fair – There is a new rumor going around the circuits that Cedar Fair has filed a trademark for the name “Fury 325.” Since Carowinds is the only park that we know of right now that is expecting a large coaster, this could be the name they have chosen. With the number designation, we could also assume that the coaster would be 325 feet tall. Although, now that I think about it, Knott’s Berry Farm has been in the talks for quite a while about getting some big steel up at the park, while Worlds of Fun and Michigan Adventure would both sell their children for a big splashy coaster. The chain has also registered the names “Fury” and “Centurion”, so it’s anyone’s guess as to who will get what name and when. Based on the early numbers coming back from Wonder Mountain’s Guardian, we will probably see this installed in a couple of parks this off season as well.

Canada’s Wonderland – We finally have some decent footage of Wonder Mountain’s Guardian…

Six Flags Over Texas – Instead of a new ride, you get a new experience. Batman Backwards is going to be starting on July 4th. Be sure to bum rush the park to let them know how overjoyed you are at this brand new and amazing experience.

Six Flags Mexico – Here are some before and after videos of Medusa. And yes, it is that fast and out of control.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios – The American Idol Experience is closing in January. But we have heard nothing about what is going to replace it. Since American Idol was one of those attractions slated to be wiped out by an expanded Star Wars Land, I can hold out hope, even though we have heard that Star Wars Land has been delayed for several years. I hope this is not an Epcot style closing where it just disappears off the map and they hope that everyone forgets that is was ever there.

Luna Park (Coney Island) – The Thunderbolt is open, and this just cracks me up…

Six Flags Great America – Goliath will be open on Thursday, July June 19th. But for pity’s sake, please don’t bum rush the park. We don’t want Six Flags to think that they can just build cool roller coasters and expect us to behave like a prom date.

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June 18, 2014 at 12:04 PM · Maybe we can just bum rush the TPI Colorado branch because Goliath opens tomorrow, June 19, not July. I should know because I'm gonna avoid it like the plague and, like the plague, I'll give it a week to cool off before more people come down with it.
June 18, 2014 at 3:11 PM · Wonder Mountain looks underwhelming. But, at least they made the attempt.

And I can vouch for Jeff when it comes to Worlds of Fun... the park definitely needs something since right now it is more like Shanties of Fun. Ugh.

June 18, 2014 at 4:25 PM · I sure wish those Disneyland Paris commercials had shown Belle's castle a little better. That is by far the prettiest of the Disney castles, in my opinion.

As for closing American Idol Experience, thank goodness! That show hasn't been relevant in some time. I am a little dubious that anything will actually be done with the building. I know there are some other buildings such as the Drew Carey thing and whatever is next to Pixar Place that seem to be worthless, but apparently it's used for special events or storage.

Hopefully those are just placeholders for when they have enough vacancies to close off an entire section of the park for a vast revamp.


June 18, 2014 at 9:42 PM · Wonder Mountain's Guardian does seem to be be pretty undercooked. Hopefully the rumored dark ride at Knott's is much more ambitious and includes some healthy contributions from Garner Holt Productions.

But like James said, I appreciate the effort to think outside the box, especially for Cedar Fair.

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