Beyond CaliFlorida: The Battle for Top Billing

September 3, 2014, 10:49 AM · Cedar Point – Maybe this is what is really going to happen to Mantis (instead of it being converted to a floorless coaster). It has already been tested now…

Universal Studios Hollywood – The final attraction at the park has now closed…just kidding…I think the Simpsons Ride and parts of the Studio Tour are still open. But Soundstage 28 (next to Transformers) has closed, too.

Six Flags St. Louis & Six Flags Over Texas – Filming for new Justice League Battle for Metropolis ride is not going well. Apparently a feud broke out between Batman and Superman over who would have top billing. Batman released a statement saying that since he was going to Metropolis to bail out Superman’s pretentious [body part used for excretion], he should get top billing. Superman responded by continuously flying directly out of the frame, causing several days filming to be wasted, before flying off to save a boy’s dog at the bottom of a well. “I could be saving the world,” said Batman to one of the stage hands while waiting for Superman to return, “but, no, I’m here putting up with this [male bovine waste]. You know what? [Act of creating babies] it, I’m out of here.” Rumor has it that the director is choosing to scrap everything that was already filmed and instead go with barely animated computer graphic representations. The director is also playing around with the idea that the bad guys win and you spend the entire ride shooting at the so-called heroes.

Carowinds – We now have video of their monstrosity…

Kentucky Kingdom – The park has announced a portion of what is in the cards for next year. Their T2 coaster will become T3 and their raging River Rapids will be fixed back up and turned on. T3 has me wondering what they could possibly be doing to it. Melt it down into George Foreman Grills for all I care. Local to me, Elitch Gardens has a Vekoma SLC and I can’t stand to ride the thing. I can’t even figure out a really cool way to refurbish something like that. Maybe by making it into a cell phone tower? Or a billboard for embarrassing personal items?

Lagoon – This park is on the Disney plan so far as taking forever and a couple of years to put up their newest attraction. Although it looks now that their newest roller coaster should open up sometime next year. Early word is that the roller coaster is going to be named Cannibal although that may also just be a code name for it. The specs on this coaster are also unknown at this point but we are thinking it should top off somewhere around 200ft.

Disneyland – Ride with an Imagineer…

The park also is testing sales of digital versions of on-ride photos for 99 cents. Presumably these will be higher resolution that the cell-phone pictures of the ride photos on the display screens that everyone now takes for free.

20th Century Fox World (Malaysia) – The last few remnants of Genting Theme Park are pretty much gone as construction is going on in full force to convert this park to a faux movie studio theme park. The IP’s that they were talking about using are Ice Age, Rio, Night at the Museum, and Planet of the Apes, but we shall see as more announcements are made.

Paramount Park (Spain) – While construction has not officially started, they have already started on infrastructure construction and hope to start regular construction in the next couple of months. While it is never too late to stop construction, this one looks like it is well on track to become a reality.

Roller Coaster Tycoon World – Over this last weekend, PC Gamer got their first hands-off demo of the new RCT game. From the way they make it sound, the building of roller coasters is going to be the single biggest change to adjust to and is a huge step forward so far as making it easier. The multiplayer aspects of the game can be used or ignored and it won’t affect much in the game either way.

Parkitect – Just in time to get massacred by Roller Coaster Tycoon World, we have an independent group attempting to raise money on Kickstarter to build their own version. Had they not wasted ten years for Atari to get off their rear ends to do this, we would have had a viable winner here. No, I take that back. We need this game to do extremely well because it is the only way the Atari is going to realize that there is a demand for amusement park games. And if we demand amusement park games, we may eventually get a real theme park game…one that allows you to play movies/projections in the game, run sophisticated animatronics, and have realistic fire, water, and fog effects.

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September 3, 2014 at 12:04 PM · Does anyone know if the plantation facade in the entrance to Carowinds is going away? It looks that way from the video, but it is hard to tell...
September 3, 2014 at 12:23 PM · Parks have already cracked down on the whole cell-phone picture thing, thanks to blocking text that can only be removed by visiting a register and attendants who will turn off screens if they see someone trying to pull a fast-one.

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