An Insider's guide to holiday gift deals for theme park fans

November 25, 2016, 1:34 AM · Looking for some holiday gifts or deals for yourself or another theme park fan? Here are some of the best deals going from Black Friday through Cyber Monday:

Six Flags dealsSix Flags is selling discounted season passes, with free upgrades to Gold Level, which includes free parking through the end of next year plus in-park discounts and companion tickets: Choose your park

SeaWorld dealsSeaWorld is offering a variety of buy-one, get-one discounts in its Blue Friday sales at its three parks. Deals include discounts on passes, animal encounters and meal plans. Orlando, San Diego, San Antonio

Disney Store dealsThe Disney Store online is offering up to 50% off selected park merchandise with the coupon code THANKS: Shop now (This one ends over the weekend.)

Legoland dealsLegoland is offering 50% off theme park tickets and 30% off hotel stays to those who sign up for their emails: Sign up

Theme Park Insider readers can get 15% off their orders of Theme Park Insider logo T-shirts and hoodies, plus free shipping, by using the coupon code 2016OMG at

2016 Year in ReviewAnd this deal's good all the way through Christmas: We are selling our new 2016 Year in Review book for just $9.95, through It's great gift for theme park fans, with a look back at some of the top stories and new attractions from this year and a look ahead toward what's coming in 2017. And, of course, your purchase helps us keep things going here on for another year.

You can find the complete list of currently available Amazon Black Friday deals here, or shop for other theme park travel books for holiday gifts, too. Thank you for supporting Theme Park Insider and we wish all of our readers a very happy holiday season!

Replies (5)

November 26, 2016 at 6:19 PM · I'm so pissed with this Gold Free thing as this would cost me around 800 € to jet to San Antonio because you ONLY get that Upgrade if you Visit the Park in 2016!

I"m ADITIONAL pissed on that - other like on CF - you MUST FIRST visit the Park you bought it!


My plans have changed because I'm kicked out from a Group again because of my Autism and now I need to take Greyhound all the way to Texas - passing St Loius, that I want to Visit - from Detroit only to Redem the Voucher and then all Backwards to St Lois!

THAT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE! Why they push me to that?

I understand that more expensive San Antonio not like to Redem a cheaper St Luis Season Pass, but here that is going in the other Direction as I paid more.

Are Humans only BUEROCRATIC Machines, that can't THINK or can I TALK with someone about that?

November 27, 2016 at 4:19 PM · There are more Holiday Deals for Knoebels, Canobie Lake, Dutch Wonderland, Hercheypark, Kennywood, Seabrezze and I think also Waldameer is allowing to get Tickets until January for 2016 Price, but at some Webpages it is NOT POSSIBLE to buy for International Visitors as a Country Field is missing or the Page is not set up to accept my Zip Code that is conected to my Card: 9950-365 also if I type 99503 it does not work as the 65 is missing.

I need uregently help as the Parks are not responding and time is running away organicing a 90 day journey inside the next 180 days! Not possible if I need 3 Organicing Days for 1 Park because of technical and Communication Difficulties!

If anyone can help contact me on Facebook under Holger Halfmann after asking for Friendship (that I can see your Messages more easy) or call me under 00351 292 622 037 (I may can call back in Afternoon or Evening If you send aditional a Message on Facebook in which times I can Call and where you life to determine your local time..

November 28, 2016 at 11:59 AM · It is indeed annoying to have to visit the specific Six Flags park at which the voucher was purchased in order to have a season pass processed but for that price I can't complain too much. It's an hour drive from where I am to SFGAD so not a problem. I think I paid about $80 for a season pass with parking sometime around Labor Day. As one who typically visits that park a dozen or more times each season, I would be paying approximately $900 for admission and parking did I not have a Gold season pass.
December 1, 2016 at 11:24 AM · I think I understand now why they do that: It is because you get some Discounts that are only Valid at the Homepark. Homepark is where the Pass been purchased. As all SF Parks have different Prices and different Discounts all People would buy the cheapest one and it would maybe not fair if they register the Pass then at a other Park.

But their could be a SIMPLE Solution: If someones Travelplanes change then alow him to register the Pass at ANY SF Park but still the Coupons loaded on the Pass are only for that Park the Pass been purchased! That would just be an simple Opt ion in the Software to process the pass! The SF Team Member that process such a Pass would only be required to click take out the Checkmark at "Discounts at .." and make a new Checkmark on the Park that is mentioned on the Voucher - or even more easy: By Scanning the Voucher that change is made AUTOMATICALLY!

It does not make any Sense to DENIE someone Acess just because he bougt at an other Park!

Still it would be an rare Case that someone Redem the Voucher at an other Park as bought - so Work - Questions should not be something to concider!

PS I agree that an SC Season Pass has a GOOD VALUE but that does have nothing to do with the Topic we discuss...

December 1, 2016 at 2:18 PM · Well I would Support TPI by bying a Shirt for 16,49 but I did not see that with the Code before - and now it says only until yesterday.. I normally not pay more as 5-10 for a Shirt (or get them free) In this Case 16,50 would be my Border but I sure can not give 19,50

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