Disneyland's Beauty and the Beast-themed Red Rose Taverne opens Feb. 24

February 21, 2017, 8:39 PM · The Disneyland Resort announced today that its Beauty and the Beast pop-up restaurant will open this Friday, Feb. 24. Red Rose Taverne will take the place of the Village Haus Restaurant in Fantasyland "for a limited time," to promote the release of Disney's new live-action Beauty and the Beast, starring Emma Watson.

Disney also announced the menu for Red Rose Taverne, which, like the Village Haus, will be a quick-service location. The selection will keep or put a twist on most items from the Village Haus menu, including the Angus Cheeseburger, which will remain in its current form. A "Beast's Burger" will be the current Angus Pastrami Cheeseburger, minus the Pastrami (but retaining the Gruyere, caramelized onions, and horseradish aioli). The grilled chicken sandwich will swap its current mushrooms and garlic aioli for apple slaw, onion-bacon jam, and fried cherry peppers. A Chef's Salad replaces the Apple and Cheddar Salad, and the Village Haus' Garden Vegetable Burger will go away in favor of a much more interesting sounding "Enchanted Cauliflower Sandwich," featuring grilled cauliflower, spicy lime aioli, and tempura-battered green beans.

The new flatbreads will be a tomato & mozzarella as well as a poutine flatbread. That't right — a flatbread served with slow-cooked beef and gravy, fries, and cheese curds, as well as roasted garlic aioli. If you want your poutine in a more traditional style, you can get it served over waffle fries instead.

So Red Rose Taverne won't be getting a Croque Monsieur, the soups, or any of the other lunch items from the wildly popular Be Our Guest restaurant at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World's tough-to-book Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant. But Disneyland's restaurant will get its own version of "The Grey Stuff," in the form of a Grey Stuff Gateau, "a white chocolate mousse and red velvet cake with a sweet raspberry center."

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