Wildfire darkens skies over the Disneyland Resort

October 9, 2017, 2:51 PM · Those orange skies over Disneyland and Disney California Adventure today are not the latest special visual effect from Walt Disney Imagineering. A wildfire, dubbed "Canyon Fire 2," flared up this morning in the Anaheim Hills, east of the Anaheim Resort area.

By mid-afternoon, the fire had consumed more than 2,000 acres and prompted evacuations in many neighborhoods in and around Anaheim Hills. While the fire is darkening the skies over the Disneyland Resort, the theme parks are located several miles away from the fire and are in no danger from the fire at this time. Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are continuing to operate as scheduled at this time... even as people stop to post some pretty wild photos from inside the parks.

Authorities are closing roads and the highways in the area, however — including parts of the 91, 55, and 241 — so your route to or from the parks might be affected. If you are visiting Disneyland today, of if you're just in the area, please let us know what you are seeing.

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