Gary Goddard steps down from his design firm following accusation

November 28, 2017, 10:12 AM · Theme park designer Gary Goddard has stepped down from the design firm that bears his name, following accusations of sexual abuse.

The Goddard Group's COO announced this morning that founder Gary Goddard has taken a leave of absence from the firm, effective immediately. Barry Kemper said in a statement that Taylor Jeffs is assuming the role of President and Chief Creative Officer of the company. A former research specialist for The Walt Disney Company, Jeffs has worked at The Goddard Group for 14 years, most recently as its Director of Design.

"We believe this move is in the best interest of the company, its employees and clients," Kemper added.

Actor Anthony Edwards ("ER") earlier this month accused Goddard of molesting him when he was a teenager. The Goddard Group deleted its social media accounts and temporarily shut down its website following accusation, but the website is back up and the firm again did have a booth on the show floor at the recent IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando.

"The Goddard Group, the creator and designer of some of the world’s leading attractions and experiences, continues to successfully operate and do business nationally and internationally on its projects at destination resorts, casinos, theme parks and retail experiences," the company said in its statement.

Prior to forming The Goddard Group, Gary Goddard produced multiple attractions for Universal Studios in the 1990s, including The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Jurassic Park: The Ride, and the recently closed Terminator 2 3D.

Let's try to put what's happening in perspective:

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November 29, 2017 at 1:26 PM · I am speaking more to the movie and television companies, on this comment. But. (instances before) and today with matt lauer and disney last week. When firing the person, the company statement always says, we let the person go to uphold our "values". they always talk about "values".

If that is the media companies, position. Why do we see sexual harassment, pictured in the movies and tv, by those same companies? I'm pretty close to a free speech absolutist, myself. (people can sue, when wronged, that way a better chance of truth is had, when an adversary legal proceeding).
So, I'm not advocating a ban on this is movies and tv, to advance a story or just the flavor of the character. But, if it is truly an absolutist "value" issue, as the companies pretend, how can they in good conscience, portray it in movies and tv.

Also, the talking heads on all the cable channels, talk about not just sexual assualt, but also a general hostile work environment.

Aren't people with differing political viewpoints, who suffer a hostile work environment constantly, deserving of protection? I'm thinking college campuses here, where professors very often, mock and make fun, of opposing viewpoints in the work enviorment (class).

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